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So if Mars in your soul sector has you drilling down on the inner Pisces landscape? You could be increasingly drawn to some personal development work/yoga/spiritual practice/shamanic magic/or just good old fashioned retreat and regenerative, solo down time with yourself –and yes, any if the above could be the best way to charge your batteries and energise your mojo right now.

Which kind of makes the New Moon of June 14th, in your domestic sector on point-where you are finessing the home base as your best source of inspiration mid month. Whether it’s jushing up your décor/physical environment as a nurturing sanctuary, or refreshing your family/partnership/co-hab dynamics for a more nurturing emotional support system in your life, or even doing some creative/biz stuff from home could be constructive.

And also romance –if you’re already in love it’s all about cosy domestic bonding/shacking up/staging the next sexy seduction on home turf?

And speaking of biz, Venus meeting the Destiny Point in your work sector around the 19th is a fabulous flash of professional inspiration. Could be some game-changing progress in your current day-job to point the way forward or a new gig popping up, to lure you to fresh pastures? And with Venus involved you’re likely to have your beautiful talent appreciated that much more, which is always nice. And also especially beneficial to employ your charm, polished professional look and sharp branding to maximise the long-term potential of whatever you’re really good at, right?

And if single, part of dressing up a bit more for work everyday is not just for professional glam –perhaps your next promising flirtation sparks up in the workplace/with some gorgeous colleague or client etc –and maybe want to be looking your best for that?

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