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So Saturn retrograde in your sign (until September) could be a teensy bit frustrating but really, it’s only drilling down on the personal discipline regime you’re already so damn good at. Maybe think of the next 3 months as a kind of character building, personal growth exercise where you polish your integrity/talent/goals/efficiency/look/brand/charm/whatever to a level of shiny excellence that amazes even your high standards-and that’s got to be a turn on right?

Because how about Mars energising your income sector until November! Not to mention Uranus unearthing your most brilliant, unique skills and confidence to rock them in the world. Yes, all this self-improvement zeal could inspire some fab earning strategies to fund the new improved life plan, and 6 whole months to get it right…stay sharp baby, the rewards are coming with time. And the New Moon in your work sector of the 14th could be a fab clue about the next opportunity, or existing gig to flex your professional muscle in the world and get things moving…

Meanwhile the more you get your own mojo on the more your love life sparks up this month. Especially around the 19th; where the Destiny Point /Venus in your sex sector could be a powerful moment of intimate bonding with your lover, or connecting with a possible new lover –with some fascinating clues about whoever can meet your fabulous self as an equal and potentially share the journey with maximum, sexy authenticity? And even if love aint your thing right now, this could also reveal some fab new financial/biz negotiations that could potentially work in your favour.

And then the Full Moon of the 28th is a great chance to suss out your relationship dynamics. Maybe working on healthy boundaries/respectful relating/maybe commitment with someone special, to keep it real?

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