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So how are you going with electrifying Uranus blasting into Taurus recently? Just so you know, Uranus only visits each sign once every 72 years –so this is a rare, kinda once in a lifetime opportunity to positively revolutionise, innovate and expand your sense of well, everything:

There are all kinds of wildly unexpected developments coming up for you, and as much as you’ll need to be much more flexible and drop your tendency (lets face it) to certain fixed/habitual patterns in your life; this is fabulously character building and baby- the next seven years could be one of the most exciting, liberating, game changing phases of your whole life-how wonderful!

And right now, it’s all about Mars in your biz sector for the next 6 months-a rare and auspicious chance to energise your professional mojo between now and November. Chances are you’ll be feeling more ambitious; with some kind of fab plan to get ahead in the world and, importantly, the elbow grease and disciplined work ethic to make it happen. Yes- I would be seizing this momentum whist it’s there; if you were ever going to claim next level success through sheer determination, now would absolutely be the time.

Especially with the New Moon of the 14th in your earning sector- where some cool opportunity to monetise your genius/create a new income stream/finesse the financial plan could totally present itself.

Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter in your love sector has you much more open to confident romantic possibilities. Whether it’s more romantic generosity with your current lover, to open up the emotional flow or taking a risk on some new attraction-its all about putting yourself out there with a positive, trusting attitude. And ok, it could be that you’re not sure where you stand until Jupiter moves forward from mid July-so patience little lover, give the chemistry time to brew huh?

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