AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Well the fact that February begins with a total Lunar Eclipse in your love sector has got to be auspicious for your love life this month, huh? And not least because it’s right on top of the Destiny Point and Venus is involved, so a fascinating pointer to how your longer-term relationship potential is most likely to play out this year-and perhaps beyond! It’s less about cool analysis of the romantic undercurrents rising up in early Feb (and there will be plenty!) –and more feeling the emotions involved with as much raw authenticity as possible. Even if it’s intense (and could even be game changing) to do so; all you have to do is keep it real and be yourself with maxi


PISCES/PISCES RISING So we really have to talk about the Pisces career right now. Given that the total Lunar Eclipse of Feb 1st is in your day-job sector on the Destiny Point and synced into motivational Mars right on top of your biz sector is so ridiculously promising–if you’re not energised by career prospects this month when the hell will you be? I mean ok, this Full Moon could be a bit emotionally overwhelming and more about free association/playing with creative possibilities/ the visionary life-plan than necessarily nailing down any specific/pragmatic decisions just yet. But nevertheless there’s bound to be something truly vocationally inspiring rising up in early Feb; and one way or a


ARIES/ARIES RISING It’s official; Saturn has settled in your biz sector and has you thinking more long-term/serious/fiercely pragmatic about the Aries career than you have for a long time. Which could be excitingly ambitious or perhaps a daunting sense of how much work you’re looking at, to get ahead over the next few years? Well either way the powerful Lunar Eclipse in your talent/creative/personal confidence sector of Feb 1st is a whole new burst of inspiration! Because with the Destiny Point involved you are tapping into some phenomenally accurate instincts about what your most rocking core talent really is and what to do about that for maximum, rewarding self-expression and effective suc


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So how about the total Lunar Eclipse in your domestic sector on Feb 1st? This is bound to rock your personal life with some kind of revealing insights about the home base/family dynamic/who your tribe are/where you want to live etc; in the form of some very real emotional responses rising up in your immediate environment. Yes this could feel a little intense; but I’ve got to tell you the Destiny Point on board makes any instincts coming up about your optimum home sanctuary more accurate, on point, and relevant than you realize. Maybe time to really trust your gut and act accordingly; with full emotional congruence and authenticity about how you want to live your life and


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING The Full Moon Eclipse of Feb 1st is a sensational chance to turn up with more emotionally congruent, deliberate communication than even articulate you is used to expressing –which is fab for clarifying all relationships, and particularly flirty romance: Because to be honest, you may begin February quite pre-occupied with the Gemini love life, what with sexy Mars newly in your partnership sector and Venus whetting your appetite for romantic adventure. To the extent you’re primed for some good loving, someone hot is so much more likely to be coming at you/stepping up with considerably more inspired passion than usual right now; whether it’s renewed attention from your exis


CANCER/CANCER RISING Firstly, the Total Lunar Eclipse of Feb 1st is such an energising start to your month: It’s right on the Destiny Point in your income sector; so it’s all about the synergy between deliberate, autonomous earning potential and authentic, self-sufficient (as much as possible) living on your own terms/doing your own thing –and you’re loving how good this feels! Ok so obviously you may not become independently wealthy overnight here- but you are more likely to sync with your own values/aspirations and whatever schemes are most likely to move you in the right direction with time; and maybe don’t underestimate the power of this? I mean with lucky Jupiter revving up your confide


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING It’s fabulously fitting that the first planet to enter your sign, since taskmaster Saturn finally got out of your hair last Dec is sexy, motivating Mars from Jan 27th-March 18th; how fun! You can feel a rush of raw, primal energy coursing through you and you are once again bursting with the sheer joy and vitality of feeling fully alive! Oh yes, and btw this is only a taste of how thrilled you are going to be when your lucky ruler, Jupiter turns up from Nov 2018-Dec 2019, so that’s something to look forward to huh? So meanwhile, what are you gong to do with all this lust for life and personal power at your disposal right now? I guess we need to start with the To


LEO/LEO RISING Well how spectacular is the Leo Total Lunar Eclipse of Feb 1st, to get your month started on a powerfully real emotional footing? This Full Moon is a cracker: It’s on top of the Destiny Point in your sign, with the siren song of your sense of life purpose/future direction/most alluring, visionary aspirations calling your name with a potent, instinctive clarity that you just can’t ignore. You feel such vitality when you trust your intuition, follow your heart and (yes) manifest any dreams that matter to you right now-you love this! And it’s got Venus involved in your partnership sector- so it’s also a big emotional awakening about what you really desire from your love life righ


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING To the extent the Total Lunar Eclipse of the 1st in your soul sector on the Destiny Point is a profound insight into whatever inner, visionary inspiration is driving you right now; you begin Feb with some crystal clear ideas about your sense of purpose and what you’re hoping to achieve this month. So luckily you also have Venus involved in your work sector for the necessary talent and effective creative process to walk your talk, remain focused upon manifesting your dreams in the real world and you know, make some magic happen in your life… So by the New Moon Eclipse of the 16th you are ready to hatch some specific, tangible schemes to this end. You have your ruler Mercury


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING For a social creature like yourself; the group dynamics around you are so important yes? And if you’ve been searching for your tribe/wondering where you fit in the world or how to express yourself more effectively, the Total Lunar Eclipse of the 1st is a bound to be a revelation: You feel more at ease walking around with emotional congruence- the more you allow yourself to be yourself the more you attract like minded souls with whom you can deeply and genuinely relate. This could be about renewed bonds with your closest friends or maybe seeding some new friendships; and honestly with the Destiny Point on board there could be some truly profound, rewarding platonic relation


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So how about the phenomenal Total Lunar Eclipse in your biz sector on Feb 1st! This is the most incredible kickstart to your professional path this month -and possibly the rest of the year as follows: This Full Moon is on top of the Destiny Point; so it’s spot on, genius instincts about your broadest, most long-term promising vocational calling that you are tuning into right now. Perhaps you have some visionary, ambitious plan for your career that you are successfully cultivating right now; and you are unstoppable because nailing this thing is your emotional truth, don’t you know! And consequently, there’s a good chance some game-changing, ridiculously on point opportu


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING It’s great that you are cultivating such a healthily grounded, staunch sense of self, autonomy and intelligent personal boundaries with Saturn newly in your sign –you are coming into your own with the kind of personal responsibility/personal growth to really hit your stride over the next few years; which is something to look forward to. And this is also a great foundation from which to approach the Total Lunar Eclipse of Feb 1st-which is about the interpersonal, shared experience and possibly blurred emotional boundaries of sex/intimacy/financial entanglement in your life. I mean on one level you have the Destiny Point and Venus involved; calling in some truly mean


Watch out, a powerful, Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in the big-hearted, hot-blooded sign of Leo in league with the Destiny Point and Love Goddess Venus is upon us-exact 0.26am Feb 1st AEDT -it's kinda thrilling: We have no choice but to embrace the big, powerful passions arising right now, because they're just so goddamn real! We are drawn instinctively, inexorably toward whatever significant emotional attractions are calling our name -whether its big, true love or magnetic chemistry or inspiring creative collaborations or spiritual, soulmate recognition-or any combination of the above. It's all about feeling one another with deep authenticity and generous emotional warmth; because some of


Image: Naro Pinosa Mars has just galloped into Sagittarius (Jan 27th-March 17th), and what a relief to feel the wind in our hair and a bit of real momentum again! I mean what with restrictive Saturn finally out of Sag and Mars finally out of the clandestine planning/scheming Scorpio energy; we're ready to claim out wildling, impatient, bucking lust for life and into some positive, fearless action for a while, and we're loving it! We can expect to be energised by a more adventurous, expansive attitude to life in the next few months; and there's so much progress to be made the more we embrace this for a good time and dropping any illusions of personal limitation. We are free spirits, with unli


Love Goddess Venus is now in Aquarius (from Jan 18th-Feb 11th), and time to embrace a more liberated approach to love, mating, beauty and art. So whilst Venus usually favours prerogatives like giddy romantic attraction and personal desirability in relationships, Aquarius is possibly the most platonically inclined sign of all; tending to prioritise things like loyalty, friendship, intellectual compatibality, ethical relating, personal space and permission to be as fabulously individualistic/unpredictable/un-pindownable/eccentric/queer as we like in all personal relations. The better to have fun being kooky/unique as fuq in our aesthetics, appearance, personal expression and arty creativity. ​


New Moon in Capricorn to renew our groove, exact 1.17pm January 17th, AEDT. New Moons are always a rush of fresh emotional clarity, and being the first one since Saturn entered his home sign of Capricorn recently it's a chance to attune with -and get our heads around the powerful Cappy energy rising up right now: It's fiercely intentional, soberly pragmatic, acutely savvy about the lay of the land and any power/biz/attraction dynamics on our radar, focused upon walking our talk with maximum integrity and quietly determined to thrive no matter what as 2018 unfolds... So for the moment, this New Moon reveals which structures in our life are solid/genuinely valuable and require deeper, more po


It's pretty nice that just as Mars is all inspired by lucky Jupiter; he is also making a cute little sextile aspect with his lover, Venus over the next few days. This adds up to a lovely, auspicious opportunity for all the lovers out there to open up to optimum connection and romantic progress with our most loving emotional confidence this week. We trust our romantic instincts and reach out with sweet intent; whether we're chasing a new flirtation with someone promising OR nurturing a nicer/refreshed dynamic with our existing lover. Because I've noticed with my readings recently that there's a bit of hysterical, reactive, prickly emo going on out there; with peeps all over the shop trying t


Mars conjunct Jupiter feels... Mars energising the positive vibes of Jupiter in wily old Scorpio this week? We are all about a fierce self assurance that is at once stealthily under the radar (we're too busy quietly banging away at some cool, success oriented scheme/awesome self improvement & personal growth to give a fuq what anyone thinks) AND brazenly, magnificently rocking our brilliance in the world by walking around with our most spunky charisma TOTALLY on show and -again just because we can- still not giving a fuq what anyone thinks! The energy this week is sexy, uncompromising, expansive and beautifully optimistic. Our instincts are bang on and in return life presents some cool oppor


Well for anyone who has included more emotional authenticity and healthier relationships in your list of New Years resolutions- this Cancerian Full Moon-1.23pm AEDT, Jan 2nd- is your big chance to get started! It's got it all: The tidal waves of deeper Cancerian feelings rising up, ready or not to keep it real and release any compressed energy we've been trying to keep under control during the pressures/obligations/bacchanalia etc of the festive season. Yes, even if some of the issues coming up right now are particularly intense; we get that owning and integrating our shizz is way more empowering than not, huh? Venus on board here is a big emphasis on genuine, gorgeously passionate and gutsy