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The Full Moon Eclipse of Feb 1st is a sensational chance to turn up with more emotionally congruent, deliberate communication than even articulate you is used to expressing –which is fab for clarifying all relationships, and particularly flirty romance:

Because to be honest, you may begin February quite pre-occupied with the Gemini love life, what with sexy Mars newly in your partnership sector and Venus whetting your appetite for romantic adventure. To the extent you’re primed for some good loving, someone hot is so much more likely to be coming at you/stepping up with considerably more inspired passion than usual right now; whether it’s renewed attention from your existing lover or inundated with fresh prospects if single/on the prowl?

And by the 25th with sexual tension peaking between Mars and Venus, the chemistry is superb in whatever connection is turning you on. And maybe -just in case you’re wondering, an ideal time to strike whilst the iron is hot to woo/seduce or address any brewing tensions with your love interest, to explore this thing further one way or the other?

Meanwhile, Venus into your biz sector from the 11th is perfect for coming to terms with your most brilliant talent in the world. Perhaps you are getting better at whatever you do vocationally this month, or more confident about promoting your professional self more effectively than usual? Peak professional performance, polishing your professional look, finessing your brand and flaunting your (admit it) phenomenal smooth, shmoozy charm and networking genius works better than ever this month.

And just in time for a New Moon Eclipse in your adventure sector on the 16th, to keep you in touch with the broader vision that is driving your life ambitions right now; for any extra motivation you might need to keep moving forward… how fun!

Image:Frida Gustavsson,Jac Jagaciak, Vogue Italia/ Paolo Roversi, v

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