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So how about the total Lunar Eclipse in your domestic sector on Feb 1st? This is bound to rock your personal life with some kind of revealing insights about the home base/family dynamic/who your tribe are/where you want to live etc; in the form of some very real emotional responses rising up in your immediate environment.

Yes this could feel a little intense; but I’ve got to tell you the Destiny Point on board makes any instincts coming up about your optimum home sanctuary more accurate, on point, and relevant than you realize. Maybe time to really trust your gut and act accordingly; with full emotional congruence and authenticity about how you want to live your life and cultivate your future home base right now?

Because the more you get the foundation right, the more you launch yourself to the brilliant, fresh professional momentum that comes with the New Moon Eclipse of Feb 16th. Yes, the second half of the month is so good for a clearer sense of career/biz possibilities and the moxy to follow up whatever cool vocational leads present themselves… And with Venus into your social sector it could have a lot to do with professional networking and the benefits of who you know/knowing who to schmooze right now.

Meanwhile sexy Mars in your intimacy sector is syncing with Venus by the 25th and with lucky Jupiter involved in your partnership sector. So late February is positively fabulous for the Taurus love life; where it’s that magical combo of smoking attraction and the easy compatibility of genuine friendship that turns you on right now. Whether this lovely synergy presents in your existing relationship or in the form a promising new attraction (or even a great platonic connection to inspire you), it’s a gorgeous chemistry to explore as you move forward into March…

Image: Patricija Dacic poster

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