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So we really have to talk about the Pisces career right now. Given that the total Lunar Eclipse of Feb 1st is in your day-job sector on the Destiny Point and synced into motivational Mars right on top of your biz sector is so ridiculously promising–if you’re not energised by career prospects this month when the hell will you be?

I mean ok, this Full Moon could be a bit emotionally overwhelming and more about free association/playing with creative possibilities/ the visionary life-plan than necessarily nailing down any specific/pragmatic decisions just yet. But nevertheless there’s bound to be something truly vocationally inspiring rising up in early Feb; and one way or another pointing to fascinating new prospects/long term success/a clearer vision for yourself/etc in it’s own mysterious way… Stay inspired, and open to possibilities for best results huh?

Meanwhile Venus into Pisces from the 12th is perfect for finessing your brilliant natural talent (and polishing up your ‘look’ in the world) and Mars adds the sheer confidence for whatever shameless self-promotion is required to get it out there, which is handy.

And of course Venus is also perfect for your personal beauty and charisma to shine even more radiantly than usual. So yes, permission to strut around feeling fine is totally happening. Because Mars syncing with Venus around the 25th is when everyone else notices your gorgeousness as well, which could be some great professional attention -but also specifically a rocking romantic/attraction scenario presenting by late Feb.

Could be an existing connection presenting a little more sparky sexual tension for a good time/to move the relationship forward. Or if you’re single/on the prowl you are so much more likely to charge unsuspectingly into some scenario (hint-quite possibly a professional/biz one), lock eyes with some cutie and viola; an exciting new chemistry to explore…

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