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Well the fact that February begins with a total Lunar Eclipse in your love sector has got to be auspicious for your love life this month, huh? And not least because it’s right on top of the Destiny Point and Venus is involved, so a fascinating pointer to how your longer-term relationship potential is most likely to play out this year-and perhaps beyond!

It’s less about cool analysis of the romantic undercurrents rising up in early Feb (and there will be plenty!) –and more feeling the emotions involved with as much raw authenticity as possible. Even if it’s intense (and could even be game changing) to do so; all you have to do is keep it real and be yourself with maximum emotional congruence and let any current (or future) lover on your radar do the same, the better to let any romantic momentum reveal itself in it’s own natural way…

Meanwhile Venus into your income sector from the 12th is great for getting onto some confident earning potential, by doing something you are really good at even better and more inspired than usual and with the savvy self promotion to get it out there and make the living you know you deserve from this. Especially by the 22nd your financial instincts are either phenomenally inspired OR crazy/hare brained as fuq (thank you dreamy Neptune); so it’s going to pay to remain as lucid as possible about high-end, positive money manifesting right now.

And especially around the New Moon partial Eclipse of the 16th; where lucky Jupiter in your career sector has got your number, turning you on to your full potential in the world and upping your professional confidence beautifully! You are pretty damn visionary and switched on to the optimum Aqua life path mid month, so why not dream big/grab any cool new plans/strike whilst the iron is hot etc?

And then you keep an eye on the sexual/romantic tension of the 25/26th –late month could be a little push to act on some of those feelings you’ve been getting in touch with lately huh?

Image: Sammy Slabbinck.

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