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It’s official; Saturn has settled in your biz sector and has you thinking more long-term/serious/fiercely pragmatic about the Aries career than you have for a long time. Which could be excitingly ambitious or perhaps a daunting sense of how much work you’re looking at, to get ahead over the next few years?

Well either way the powerful Lunar Eclipse in your talent/creative/personal confidence sector of Feb 1st is a whole new burst of inspiration! Because with the Destiny Point involved you are tapping into some phenomenally accurate instincts about what your most rocking core talent really is and what to do about that for maximum, rewarding self-expression and effective success in the world.

You are so much more likely to effortlessly attract a rapt audience/fan club for your brilliance, charisma and sparkling networking skills; the better to shine on in the professional/social limelight this month. And especially by the New Moon Eclipse of the 16th you are translating this into some cool new schemes and dreams in the world, for a good time and fab long-term motivation.

And romance? Well given your brilliant flirtation skills of early Feb; you’re bound to have finessed your current partner/love interest into a lovely dynamic and ready for deeper connection OR primed to charm any new attractions by the time the Mars/Venus romantic synergy rocks your love life by late Feb. It’s kind of soulmatey, kind of emotionally restless-and with Jupiter basically helping you to read your lover’s mind/open up to a more expansive mutual understanding- definitely ready to explore new and exciting levels of romantic exploration and emotional connection. This could be fun!

And meanwhile Mars is revving up the whole wanderlust thing in your adventure sector. Could a travel plan of some sort be brewing in your near future?

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