Venus has been doing her flamboyant thing in Leo recently, and now pulls herself into line in cool-cat Virgo, from now until mid October. When it comes to romance, love, art and beauty, we are now all about elegant personal discipline, discriminating good taste, intelligence and earthy, pragmatic efficiency. In love, it all begins with respect in Virgo. We respect our own choices in romance, take responsibility for who we've chosen to love (our standards are pretty high!) and take personal responsibility for maintaining the highest possible standard of romantic conduct within our relationships. Because we respect our lover enough to treat them well, and also respect their emotional boundari


New Moon in Virgo coming up, exact 3.30pm Sept 20th, AEST. All New Moons are all about fresh, clean new energy; and an opportunity to focus this with clearest possible intentions for the greatest flow forward throughout the rest of the month. It's like a monthly clean slate, where we get to clean up our act and polish up our vision anew. And of course Virgo LOVES a clean slate, tidy new plans and the savvy pragmatism to make them real-this is like Virgo's thing! And with Venus into Virgo ushering in this Moon, we have the added Venusian vibe of creative expression, sharp aesthetic and beauty sensibilities for a good time. And Dr Chiron blasting this Moon with healing potential is a wonderful


Image:Morena Fortino So Venus, goddess of beauty and love has been blazing away in Leo-from August 26th-September 20th. Which is always great for unleashing our magnificent spunk, fabulous talent, gorgeous good looks and charisma upon the world, without wasting a smidgen of energy on false modesty when we could be focused upon living large, unapologetic self-promotion and bringing as much colour, creative expression and vitality to the world as possible... Venus rules creative talent, and in Leo we're full of it! Meaning to say it's a great time to tune into our most core, driving creative force and rather than fretting about whether or not we're good enough to pursue it; we just damn well m


Mars into Virgo, and just in time to pull ourselves together for two months of savvy organisational genius, pragmatic focus and earthy grounding into our optimum physical health and well-being. I mean Mars hits Virgo right on this dreamy, Pisces/Neptunian Full Moon-and luckily channels the divine inspiration of this into spunky, no-nonsense manifesting of our dreams, as opposed to wonking out in delusion/emo overwhelm land or whatever; so that's good! And also just as Mercury moves forward after an irritating, distracting retrograde and we get to finesse the plan and get our schemes and dreams back on track... Mars is the warrior god and rules conflict; and in Virgo we hopefully have the int


Full Moon in Pisces is about to have her enchanted way with us -exact September 6th, 6.02pm AEST. This is a full-blown Neptune situation, with the Moon on top of Pisces' ruler Neptune; the ultimate guru of all things magical, mystical, spiritual & the muse of arty creative inspiration... Image: Antonia Mora Image: Sofia Ajram Image: real life mermaid Hannah Fraser ...AND Neptune is the wicked siren song of addled intoxicated, escapism, crazy benders to throw us right off track/scramble our best intentions if we're not careful... Hmmm we have some choices to make here, huh? And luckily we have Mars into savvy, health-conscious, composed Virgo to help us keep it together with spunky self-respe


So Mercury officially stations direct today, 9.30pm Sept 4th AEST. So the retrograde is over - and we can all skip forward free and easy already?? Yeah ..... no. Not quite yet! Image: Alex Prager, the big valley The trickiest part of the retrograde is over the next few days-the so-called the 'storm phase' between backwards and forward motion; primo time for hectic misunderstandings/confused communication/tech gadget fuqery/botched contracts etc. So yes this is great for stepping way back and taking a deep breath; the better to re-evaluate and finesse the strategy -remain calm and avoid the temptation to prod some volatile dialogue out of pent-up frustration and generally keep our shizz toge