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First of all we need to talk about the Venus/Mars love action of early October, because it could be so profoundly healing for the Leo love life…

We have the love planets coming together to cultivate a more harmonious dialogue –particularly around issues of emotional security (commitment), emotional autonomy (personal space) and how to strike the right balance-with any lovers on your radar.

And this unlocks the deep emotional vulnerability and emotional power of Chiron (healing) and Neptune (soul path/soulmating) in your sex/intimacy sector.

If your current entanglement is harbouring any unspoken/delicate/or even overtly traumatic sensitivities around fear of being hurt on either side, which has been blocking the connection? Or complex, headfuq power trips; including teasing sexual innuendo that has gone beyond arousing and now just tedious? Or if any of these tendencies are blocking some potential, promising new attraction? This is such powerful energy to subtly, intelligently unpack any issues going on here and do some real, effective work on understanding, resolving, forgiving, healing etc in order to embrace the fullest, deepest potential for genuine true love, passionate connection, emotional compatibility, a better sex life whatever…

And if love aint your thing healing any feelings of vulnerability etc around that; and the freedom to focus all this wonderful healing process on claiming your own emotional growth and personal well-being, the better to truly connect with that potent source of creative personal power and lust for life that lies deep at the heart of your fiery nature –and unlocking it’s magnificence.

Pretty great huh? And Jupiter into your home sector from the 11th is a fab year ahead to cannel all this into the kind of positive, inspiring personal and domestic base that fully supports this healthy, happy new you.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 6th is a burst of visionary restlessness; to formulate some cool new life plans and then you nut out the details with the New Moon of the 20th. Go you!

Image: Debby Harry by Bob Gruen

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