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So the big astro of early October is a sexy Venus/Mars tryst for some renewed romance in the world –and it’s all happening in Virgo!

Yes, you are the sign statistically most likely to be luminous with loving intentions, magnetic attraction pheromones, the magic romantic touch, relationship genius, auspicious mating/dating karma etc this month…

Of course the reason you are extra likely to bond with your lover more successfully or, if single/on the prowl, more successfully attract a better class of contender for new love is that you’re so damn good at it right now!

Not only do you have the healer Chiron and soulmatey Neptune in your partnership sector, to flush out any sensitive issues of emotional vulnerability between you and your current/prospective lover; with that genius knack of yours for subtle, understanding, intelligent dialogue to make everything feel alright again and resolve any misunderstandings with a beautifully gentle touch. (Of course there’s also that hypercritical tendency of yours which could trigger someone’s tricky issues but we don’t go there right now do we??! Seriously, let’s not.)

But you also have the Full Moon in your sex/intimacy sector of the 6th to courageously embrace next-level emotional depth and fearless passion with whomever you’re connecting with, or hope to be…

Especially with Jupiter into your communication sector from the 11th, your flirty mojo is so spunkily confident –you are a love/seduction machine this month for sure!

Which brings us to money. Jupiter out of your income sector reminds you how much more financially confident/abundant you have become this last year (yay) or aware of any extravagant spending blowouts you have indulged in (which you pull yourself together and pull the budget back together now-also yay). So by the New Moon of the 20th you get to finesse a fresh, genius new plan to do what you love for a crust/financial independence/start saving for the next big thing with that biz savvy you do so well. Well done you!

Image: Katerina Plotnikova Photography

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