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So Jupiter into your day-job sector from the 11th is an interesting influence on the Gemini work ethic this coming year:

On the one hand you are filled with inspiration to expand your professional horizons, believe in your aspirations enough to jump in fearlessly and embrace/take a risk on your biggest potential with the most brazen confidence you’ve felt in simply ages… and yes this positive attitude will open some important vocational doors for sure!

Ok, not always how you think –especially with the Full Moon of the 6th it’s all about exploring your core talent with massive flexibility about how it’s going to play out in the world –thank you Uranus for keeping you on your toes with constantly changing opportunities sparking up around you. Lucky that adaptable multi-tasking is your core competency huh –it’s going to work a treat this month!

And on the other hand Jupiter could be all kinds of indulgent lifestyle choices –taking time off the daily grind because fuq it, you want to lie on the beach or go travelling or have some damn fun for a change or ‘find yourself’ or whatever… and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this of course! It just depends whether it’s a positive period of personal growth and reclaiming your freedom OR shirking perfectly legitimate responsibilities like a brat/day-drinking benders (lol)/reckless hare-brained schemes because they’re ‘easy’-not so much. We want to keep it high-end as possible, obviously.

By the New Moon of the 20th you will have a nice, crystal clear handle on where to best focus your creative energies for constructive arty schemes/professional development and healthy, playful, life-affirming self expression…

And yes this includes romance! Love goddess hooks up with Mars in your domestic sector Oct 5th/6th to lush up and clarify any cosy, domestic relations if you happen to be (or about to be!) shacked up –it’s a beautiful time to feel more grounded in whatever connection is on your radar; and then into your romance sector from the 15th is a gorgeous flirty, playful energy for dating/mating with that delightful lightness of touch you are so famous for. Yes, the second half of October looks like fun!

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