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The month begins with the Full Moon of the 6th in your biz sector, to reveal some genius gut instincts on your part to get your professional groove on for October:

It’s all about sussing out the best prospects with that fab combination of instinctual wisdom and savvy financial strategy that you do so well. You go for the most emotionally fulfilling/creatively rewarding path, then check in with how you can hustle the most efficient work/lifestyle balance and financial outcomes whilst doing it. Yes I know this is a pretty normal core competency of yours, but you’re even more onto it than usual right now; so might as well look sharp and jump on some smart decisions here whilst they’re staring you in the face huh?

Because Jupiter into your talent sector from the 11th is a whole year of such brilliant creative confidence coming up!

I mean you’re reaching the end of 2 1/2 years (by December) of taskmaster Saturn riding you, in terms of consistent work-ethic and professional discipline, so you can feel an easier flow coming up as Saturn gets off your back. So this month you could do worse than seizing the inspiration that is Jupiter reminding you of just how good you are at what you do for a renewed burst of motivational energy… yes it’s coming.

Speaking of which, you might already be feeling something big brewing in your love life? Yep, that would be Saturn eyeing off your partnership sector and about to pull together a healthy reality check/mature new perspective from December onwards; the better to develop any romantic commitment/relational longevity on your radar and cultivate your own autonomous emotional well-being/self care over the next few years…

So in the meantime the Venus/Mars hook up of early October could be great preparation for this. It’s in your communication sector and all about reaching a deeper understanding with your lover by taking the time to really talk (and listen!) to one another, or the kind of flirty repartee that could attract any new contender-with whom you potentially share a lovely meeting of minds? Yep, the right, thoughtful conversation could make all the difference right now.

Image: vintage Cartier alligator necklace

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