PISCES/PISCES RISING The Jupiter/Uranus opposition has you wildly restless and, to be honest, a bit over it. You’re chafing to be freer to do things on your own terms –and to the extent you’re trying to pin someone down for long enough to insist upon your autonomy but they’re being infuriatingly un-pindownable - who exactly is tryng to outmanoeuvre who here? Of course this could also be a wildly liberating breakthrough about money/biz entanglements, where you get to score an income or whatever more in line with your own moxy and answerable to basically no-one, which you love. Same goes for love, where there could be some magnetic, electrical frisson vying with a mutual desire for solo space;

MARCH is HERE, might as well GRAB it.

March is here and the scopes are UP. We have so much firepower turning us on this month. Bitch Lilith in Sag makes us all outlaw wildlings, to the extent we hold our own and no-one tells us what to do -we're running our own race. Mars in Aries is about fierce autonomy, and then into Taurus from the 10th is digging our heels in re actioning life on our OWN terms or not at all... The Jupiter/Uranus opposition is a thoroughly liberating, rebellious attitude to the status quo -there's always a better way to do things and we're gonna figure it out this month, or damn well have fun trying! And Venus commencing a 3 1/2 month tour of fiery Aries - where our love, art and beauty moxy becomes so excit


ARIES/ARIES RISING The month begins with a Mars/Uranus scenario that really blows any tired old stance on life out of the water –the better to clarify a new one! Confusion? You don’t have time for it… The power of claiming any new insights into what’s really driving you/turning you on right now –even if that contradicts previous ideas about yourself –is so cool. I mean if we’re not constantly evolving we’re stuck, and yes you have been growing, into the next, fab version of yourself at a ferocious speed lately and it feels good! So Venus is retrograde in your sign all month, where you’re re-evaluating love/art/your look like crazy. And that you get it could take till May to nail your optimum


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Well Mars energising your sign from the 10th, just in time for the Full Moon in your play/creative sector on the 13th has gotta be fun, right? Yes, mid month is going to lift you right out of any slump you may have felt recently and onwards and upwards, for a much more dynamic/expressive/playful/assertive and romantically interesting second half of March… You have Mars rawring around your sign until late April, so yes it is the season to harness your best lust for life, driving ambition and seductive prowess. You are the fearless hunter here; you’re not waiting for life to come to you, you’re damn well getting out there and chasing whatever turns you on with unapologetic


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Venus spends the next 3 1/2 months in your social/community sector; which should be a thrill for a social butterfly like you! Yes you’ll be flitting out and about, radiating charisma at all the best parties, making friends and no doubt flirting your head off! Yes all well and good, but for March you’re dealing with Venus retrograde all month, so it may as much a process of editing (culling?) certain friendships and re-evaluating how your own values fit in with certain social scenes as anything else. You want to be intelligent about negotiating your optimum place within your tribe –or hooking into a new circle- as much as possible. The better to really enjoy the benefits


CANCER/CANCER RISING The next 3 1/2 months is wildly interesting for the Cancer career and you know why? You have Venus strutting her sparkling beauty/art/money/creativity/charm stuff in your biz sector until June–so your natural talent and shameless self-promotion is on a definite upward swing for a while. Endless opportunities to professionally shine much? Oh yes! But the twist is that Venus is retrograde all March –so for the moment it’s more about re-evaluating, finessing and polishing vocational strategies, than so much getting out and actually grabbing any new projects just yet. Sit tight, plan wisely and play with your creative moxy this month; the better to launch something fab aroun


LEO/LEO RISING Mars into your biz sector from March 10th –April 22nd is blast of Leo ambition, vocational progress and (your favourite) shameless self promotion for sure: so what are you going to do about it? Well given that Mars fires up your moxy just in time for a Full Moon in your income sector and triggering lucrative Pluto in your day-job sector –I would say for a start looking at making some bigger coin than you’ve allowed yourself to consider for a while. I mean if you’re going to go all gung-ho with a fierce new work ethic (yes you are about to); why not hustle the most financially advantageous version of this whilst you’re at it, know what I mean? Because mid month is also rustling


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING So how about Venus loving up your sex/intimacy/money sector until June! Yes so much fun, and also a chance to process, evolve and finesse any deeper dynamics going on in your emotional connections for the next few months. Because for March, Venus is frustratingly retrograde so you’re all about taking the time to comb through old romantic dialogues –the better to resolve them more thoroughly and composing the right attitude to any new/future oriented romantic momentum that you just know will be coming at you from mid April onwards. Your intuition here is correct. You are getting ready for big developments on the personal front and in the meantime you do just that; prepare t


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING Ok so think about this for a good time; your patron planet, love goddess Venus is spending the better part of the next 3 1/2 months in your love/partnership sector! Yes, a better class of lover/brilliantly nonstop flirtation/socializing opportunities (admit it, you live for this)/way more romantic attention from your main squeeze/a beautifully thriving relationship/sparkling dialogue with everyone/more lucrative negotiations re biz partnership are all ON between now and mid June. Good times ahead for sure... Yes, but for the moment we need to consider that Venus is retrograde for the next 6 weeks. This is about preparation: where you revise old romantic paradigms/ slay any


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING Well Venus monopolising your work/lifestyle sector until mid June could exacerbate any workaholic tendencies from Saturn’s make big coin whilst you can ruthless earning/get ahead attitude in your income sector. Or it could be you saying fuq the daily grind, I need to go lush out and have some fun –I deserve it & who’s gonna stop me? Probably some weird combo of the above –work hard/play hard/grab life by the balls much this month? Yes, and knowing you you’ll love the adrenal thrill of a living to the hilt –especially with Uranus in your work sector running on the nervous energy of inspired/crazy risk taking more than anything remotely practical. Which could be kinda fa


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING You will no doubt be loving bitch goddess Lilith freshly in your sign, huh? Her primal, unapologetic disregard for bourgeois convention/the ‘rules’ is just so soothing for your wildling, outlaw soul. I mean sure, Lilith can aggravate your innate tendency to ponce about flaunting your rebel/outsider/bohemian status and self-righteous attitude to a point that is, frankly, borderline insufferable (lol, gotta luv it). So you might want to watch that. But mainly it’s just an easy sense of simply being your natural, lovely free-spirited self that makes you happy –bless! Not to mention your ruling planet, Jupiter, aggravating Uranus in your play/self-expression sector


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING With Venus in your home sector until June, it suddenly feels real important to get the domestic/familial balance in your life right –or at least as harmonious as possible. Because an inspiring/comfortable lair –hopefully with lovely/supportive/fulfilling relationships with whomever you co-habit- really is crucial as a foundation from which to launch yourself in the world for the next few months. Because the sparky, innovative, expansive Jupiter/Uranus action right now is across your work/life balance. You’re ready to embrace some big, bold, brilliant career expansive confidence for sure; whatever is turning you on professionally at this point is just bound to do we


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Look I know you’re usually not exactly renowned for laying on unnecessary charm. I mean you’re incredibly friendly and treat everyone with a genuine respect and have just as much magnificent, charismatic front as Leo so you’re adorable company (until someone gets too touch-feely-needy if you’re not in the mood, lol) But still, as far as the subtleties of shmoozy, deliberately beguiling wiles you tend to be more idiot savant than suave hustler… Now I’m only pointing this out because Venus in your ideas/communication sector for the next 3 1/2 months may require a deliberate charm offensive on your part, for maximum effectiveness. It’s the season where sparkling convers


New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Pisces, 1.58am tomorrow morning AEDT. So Pisces lunations tend to invoke an oceanic flow of emotion and a shamanic, magical realist attitude at the best of times, especially an Eclipse and especially with mystical Neptune involved. There could be some potent/overwhelming feelings about everything and some wildly inspired new intuition about our lives coming up this week; and it's what we do with this that's important: Firstly, what we don't do is drugs/alcohol/intoxication, fibbing our way around things, delusional 'affairs' of the heart, crushing obsessively on someone unavailable, cheating /misleading our loved ones -all the obvious precautions. Seriously, this s


Image: Helmut Newton Bitch Goddess Lilith into Sagittarius this morning, where she'll stay till November. This combination is fairly straightforward so I'll keep it brief: Lilith is Queen of the rebels, iconoclasts, happily outcast lone wolves. In the biblical story, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, who stormed off in a huff when she sensed the power dynamic of that particular relationship wasn't her thing (specifically she refused to 'lay under him'); and cheerfully made her own life in the wilderness with the owls, snakes, ravens & wild brumbies. She is the wild woman/feminine archetype writ large, living free and unencumbered by any bourgeois bullshit or expectations. Sagittarius could


Image: Kacie Tomita Photography Full Moon in Leo , coming up 11.30am Feb 11th AEDT. Our most authentic feelings tend to rise up during a Full Moon, and in Leo they're all about self-awareness, healthy pride, creative expression, show-off moxy, generosity, personal warmth, hot love affairs and passionate living. Not only that but it also involves a grand fire trine, to really blow us out of the water of any moody/sooky shizz that Full Moons can sometimes trigger in us: Image: John Keddie We have Uranus in Aries kicking our most autonomous, independent spirit into gear. We're gonna do things on our own terms and not interested in asking anybody's permission to be who we are. Which leaves plent


Venus into Aries tomorrow to rev us up -and she's going to stay there for the better part of the next 3 1/2 months! Yes we're all fired up and ready to go, so what are we going to do about it? For a start Venus is making a move on her lover Mars -also in Aries- this week, so we're making some love stories happen? Well yes we're gonna try... the lovers come so close to hooking up it's damn well palpable but still that exquisite tension of maybe/maybe not perhaps playing out, love is all about the tango right now! Passionate and promising but we're kinda proud and haughty with one another as well; Aries is nothing if not fiercely independent and loves a romantic challenge... Not to mention Lil