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Venus spends the next 3 1/2 months in your social/community sector; which should be a thrill for a social butterfly like you! Yes you’ll be flitting out and about, radiating charisma at all the best parties, making friends and no doubt flirting your head off!

Yes all well and good, but for March you’re dealing with Venus retrograde all month, so it may as much a process of editing (culling?) certain friendships and re-evaluating how your own values fit in with certain social scenes as anything else. You want to be intelligent about negotiating your optimum place within your tribe –or hooking into a new circle- as much as possible. The better to really enjoy the benefits of Venus lighting up your worldly grove for the next few month with right time/right place/right peeps synchronicity.

As such a natural communicator/sparkling wit/people person, you get the importance of hanging with sympatico, like-minded souls right? To this extent it’s a great time to get your networking moxy on point, not to mention bonding with those special, dear friends who really care. You can fast forward to the New Moon of the 28th to dig the rewards of this.

But you also have Mars into your more introverted soul sector from the 10th, and right on a full Moon in your home sector. This is where you benefit from solo down time; hiding out in your lair replenishing your energy, brewing new intentions and doing whatever shamanic inner work is calling your name. And cultivating your blood family/domestic tribe –just as important as your wordly gang, of course.

Meanwhile this Full Moon is also great for reworking/building on your existing career strategies for some cool new professional perspective.

And yes, romantic love is also lurking around in it’s own strangely insistent way. Pluto in your sex sector is calling for a deeper emotional intimacy, and provoking Jupiter in your romance sector to pull out a more confident, expansive style of seduction. Can you win some lover/crush/infatuation over with your most delightful wiles, lightness of touch and refreshing emotional openness? It’s entirely possible…

Image; antonio lopez & jerry hall, british vogue, 1975

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