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MARCH is HERE, might as well GRAB it.

March is here and the scopes are UP.

We have so much firepower turning us on this month.

Bitch Lilith in Sag makes us all outlaw wildlings, to the extent we hold our own and no-one tells us what to do -we're running our own race.

Mars in Aries is about fierce autonomy, and then into Taurus from the 10th is digging our heels in re actioning life on our OWN terms or not at all...

The Jupiter/Uranus opposition is a thoroughly liberating, rebellious attitude to the status quo -there's always a better way to do things and we're gonna figure it out this month, or damn well have fun trying!

And Venus commencing a 3 1/2 month tour of fiery Aries - where our love, art and beauty moxy becomes so exciting! We're ready for a new look, new attitude and new creative/romantic self expression; this month we're getting this right, the better to launch our full fabulousness by mid April...

More detail for your sign here.

Let's grab March with full, positive exuberance x

Image; SWAG, via (unable to find original source for this image)

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