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Well Mars energising your sign from the 10th, just in time for the Full Moon in your play/creative sector on the 13th has gotta be fun, right?

Yes, mid month is going to lift you right out of any slump you may have felt recently and onwards and upwards, for a much more dynamic/expressive/playful/assertive and romantically interesting second half of March…

You have Mars rawring around your sign until late April, so yes it is the season to harness your best lust for life, driving ambition and seductive prowess.

You are the fearless hunter here; you’re not waiting for life to come to you, you’re damn well getting out there and chasing whatever turns you on with unapologetic, spectacular self assurance and intentional living for sure.

Specifically, Jupiter retro in your work sector has you questioning just how much fun you’re having in your day job right now? You’re either loving it and ready to give it next-level positive energy, or you’re ready to re-invent the Bull career with a fabulously confident attitude. Either way you know you’re onto a good thing and ready to take the time to get this right –your famous persevering, determined attitude works wonders here…

Also the Full Moon of the 13th is blast of instinctive, genius insight into whatever, brilliant raw talent of yours you have/are hoping to build your career upon –it’s time to believe in it more than ever this month!

But we also have to talk about love goddess Venus retrograde in your soul sector all month-and hanging around there until June. You are getting used to the mysteries of love being just that for a while –highly mysterious! Perhaps a deeply nuanced, romantic soul connection is turning up/working itself out for the next few months? Or you are doing some secret love affair you’d rather not publicize just yet?

Or you are doing your own spiritual/shamanic work and any existing connection (or lack of) works itself out around that? In any case you get that romance has its own, strange imperatives that you embrace, but don’t force for a while yet -very wise.

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