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The Jupiter/Uranus opposition has you wildly restless and, to be honest, a bit over it. You’re chafing to be freer to do things on your own terms –and to the extent you’re trying to pin someone down for long enough to insist upon your autonomy but they’re being infuriatingly un-pindownable - who exactly is tryng to outmanoeuvre who here?

Of course this could also be a wildly liberating breakthrough about money/biz entanglements, where you get to score an income or whatever more in line with your own moxy and answerable to basically no-one, which you love.

Same goes for love, where there could be some magnetic, electrical frisson vying with a mutual desire for solo space; cue a fabulous cat & mouse romantic chase/headfuq?

Could be frustrating, but could also be prime opportunity to be more honest with yourself about how important doing your own thing is now-the better to be more honest with any lovers on the scene (or how you feel about lack of); and reach out for any emotional intimacy you also crave accordingly?

I mean Venus is retrograde all month, so everyone is revising love strategies to a certain extent right now; and for you its based on aligning with your personal values first; the better to align with any love interest more integrally.

But mainly you’re checking in with how you earn your coin right now; if that’s aligned with your truth (and it might take until mid May to nail this) –everything else tends to fall into place more naturally.

As always, this is an instinctual process; listen to your gut at every opportunity this month –and the Full Moon of the 13th is a particularly great moment to check in with your brilliant intuition, for optimum guidance re how the second half of the month might play out…

Image: Oriol Angrill Jordà

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