Image: Tim Walker February is here, it's fab and the horoscopes are up... We begin the month with Mars rocking a lively-up-yourself, ready to conquer anything Aries attitude, then Venus joining him in Aries; where she stays for the better part of the next 3 1/2 months! So independent, brave (fearing the fear and doing it anyway), fierce, principled and determined to stay the course is soon the new normal. Because with troublemaker Eris/rebellious Uranus sparking up expansive Jupiter and Bitch Lilith into wildling Sag from the 14th; we are restless as fuq and might want to find a healthy outlet for this! Our spirit of adventure, wanderlust and previously unthinkable new possibilities is rapid


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING With Venus and Mars chasing each other through your comms sector throughout February, you are more likely to have a go at cultivating a new perspective on any relationship dynamics in your life right now. Which is great, because the North Node in your sex/intimacy sector is still calling you to explore a new way of doing things, so flexibility and embracing the emotional learning curve is key to optimal outcomes here. There could be a bit of a romantic chase going on, which may be magnetically intriguing (especially in early Feb) but you certainly can’t force; this thing may have the next 3-4 months to play out so plenty of time observe the ebb and flow of interest.


PISCES/PISCES RISING If you want to know how to score a bit of next level earning potential this month, it’s probably about knowing who to suck up to with that famous allure of yours, lol. Ok, only joking but the thing is that you are great at the insouciant, don’t give a fuq what anyone thinks vibe –and that can work. But right now it’s your smooth operator charm (and ok shameless flirt action) that greases the wheels for your most savvy, effective biz negotiations this month. Cool, suave and persuasive wins the day. Because the Full Moon Eclipse in your day job sector of the 11th / Lilith in your biz sector from the 15th want to make quite sure that wherever you’re applying your professio


ARIES/ARIES RISING Well you’re not only supremely energised by your ruling planet Mars rocking your sign until March 10th, but also love goddess Venus spending the better part of the next 3 1/2 months in your sign –good times for sure. Mars in your sign is always a rush of lust for life, libidinous life force turning you on to your most magnificent, optimum potential in the world. It’s a great excuse to grab that innate confidence to do your own thing on your own terms and not waste time giving a fuq what anyone thinks –you love this! But Mars doing the slow, maybe/maybe not tango with his lover, Venus, in your sign this month (particularly early Feb) also turns your thoughts to the importan


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING With your ruling planet, Venus, about to spend the better part of the next 3 1/2 months in your soul sector, you have plenty of time to cultivate your inner romantic and creative world, and a great chance to fret a little less about whatever is playing out in the external world. You are tuning in –even more than usual- to your own value system and mysterious, internal, personal source of spiritual inspiration as the driving force in your life right now. You’ve got this. I mean you’ve always been solid in walking your own talk without deviating from your core moxy –no one tells you what to do! It’s just the subtle withdrawal from material, wordly concerns, in order to flo


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING To the extent that you are a social creature; with sparkling conversational genius that needs regular showing off and requiring plenty of human interaction to sharpen your wits and inspire your natural curiosity about life? You’re going to love the next 3 1/2 months! Venus is gracing your community sector until mid May; so your social butterfly/networking moxy is way on, you are the life of the party/local scene and many a beautiful friendship will blossom, or suddenly appear on your radar in coming months. It’s the season to bond with your tribe! A gang who turn you on and have your back? Yes you’re more likely to discover who they are right now, and enjoy the company o


CANCER/CANCER RISING If you would stop pouting for a sec about Saturn grinding down in your day job sector and making you actually have to work for a living? You would realize that Mars in your biz sector this month–and Venus there for the next 3 1/2 months- is super duper success mongering astro! Your best, native talent is peaking/naturally on display and you’ve got the moxy for exactly the kind of shameless self -promotion to get the show on the road, re whatever vocational aspirations are currently turning you on. So as much as Saturn is pushing you to next level professional discipline right now, you get that it’s so worth it! Your best, strategic professional savvy and shining confiden


LEO/LEO RISING If you’re looking for an excuse to reconnect your glorious moxy and strut your stuff in Feb, the Leo Full Moon Eclipse of the 11th is a cracker! I mean it ups your usual magnanimous emotional warmth for a start; where you make everyone around you feel more special and loved up than ever and they adore you right back –and why wouldn’t they, you’re irresistible when you play nice don’t you know? And with Uranus sparking up your adventurous spirit, reminding you to live large and follow your dreams no matter what (just in case you’ve neglected this essential part of your nature recently), and Jupiter rocking some much bigger ideas/life plans that you’re inclined to share with any


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING I imagine that Venus/Mars playing around in your sex/intimacy sector -and then love goddess Venus spending the better part of the next 3 1/2 months there- is a tad diverting? Like whatever else you’re trying to focus on your mind keeps wandering back to thoughts of love –whether it’s nailing an even better dialogue with your lover/partner, madly on the prowl if single or just generally distracted by your own dirty mind (don’t laugh, I know what lies beneath your virginal exterior lol). Just so you know, any romantic action currently on your radar is –yes- teasingly exciting but will achieve much greater clarity and ok, satisfaction when Venus and Mars hook up way more effe


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING So how about your ruler, love goddess Venus spending the next 3 1/2 months in your love/partnership sector! This is fab for nailing some beautiful understanding, harmony and healthy connection in all your important relationships; romantic/platonic/biz/family/whatever. Your native charm, diplomacy and interpersonal genius is really coming into it’s own right now, the better to score the sense of harmonious connection you so value in your life. Of course Venus is also playing around with her lover, Mars, this month (especially early Feb), so yes your romantic moxy in particular is wildly energised right now. You’re a bit of a love machine and more likely to connect with some


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING Mars in your work sector avails you of a fiercer than usual, rocking work ethic until March 10th; so you might as well figure out what you want to do with all this motivation, for maximum achievement whilst you can huh? I mean you can achieve so much right now; whether it’s progress on the day job, some biz venture or even a fully committed fitness regime for a stronger, healthier body and mind to serve you for the rest of the year… So you’ve gotta love Venus also in your work sector for the next 3 1/2 months… You come to terms with your most natural, innate talent and make sure you’re doing that for a living as opposed to some boring, energy-draining obligation you do


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING I know you’ve been having such a hard time with tedious, taskmaster Saturn in your sign these last few years; so I’m thrilled to tell you that Venus in your play/creative sector for the next 3 1/2 months is all about good times for a change! First of all you already have Mars energising your confident self-expression in the world no end this month; so when Venus turns up from the 4th you come to terms with your most rocking talent/arty genius/ fun lifestyle groove and do it, more wholeheartedly and unapologetically than ever. Because it feels good and why not! I mean you might as well enlist all those accomplished skills/personal discipline that Saturn has had


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING The Full Moon Eclipse of the 11th is an amazing wake up call to really feel whatever intimate entanglements are going on for you this month. You’re more in tune with your instincts than ever, so you embrace your gut wisdom about whoever is turning you on, or not/whoever you’re investing your time in turning on and how to keep it all as emotionally authentic as possible, for best results. And this is also excellent astro for negotiating any imminent biz expansion/career opportunities for maximum lucrative potential; and we do this by remaining savvy about reading any subtle undercurrents in the professional dialogues here, with minimum emotional sabotage from you or


Image: Helmo – Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez Warrior god Mars rocks into his home turf of Aries tomorrow, from 4.49pm AEDT for 5 weeks of totally deliberate living... Mars is how we access our go-gettem life force, and in his favorite sign-Aries- we grab our kinaesthetic energy from doing whatever turns us on, on our own terms because we're driven by nothing less than pure, raw lust for life and we don't care who knows it! I mean Mars in Pisces recently has required such subtlety and tact, which has been character building and all (good), but now we're busting to assert ourselves more fiercely and damn well get ON with it already; yes it's the season to get ahead and we're so ready for


New Moon in Aquarius, exact tomorrow, Jan 28th 11.07am, AEDT. Aqua New Moons are always fresh, sparky and bright with promising, liberating new emotional intent for the month ahead. Especially with Aqua planet Uranus bouncing off Jupiter right now; we're so up for cool new attitudes to our own emotional well-being, with minimal past baggage weighing down our personal journey; so time to allow some space for fun this week! Image: via Little Shad And also cool new emotional rapport/future oriented connections that allow us plenty of oxygen to breathe, dream and fly free with our loved ones. And on that note we just happen to have TWO sets of astrological lovers hooking up in the skies right no


Love goddess Venus meets magical Neptune this week-active for several more days but exact tomorrow -and right on the back of a big, watery Full Moon... So this can go either way. Venus/Neptune is classic astro for high-end exalted romance/spiritual communion/ soul-mating/kismet/profoundly destinal meetings/crazy romantic synchronicity and basically True Love. But also simply notorious for delusional crushing/stoopid drunk dialling/Qi-draining 'wounded love' and general love-zombie madness (a term coined by the fab MysticMedusa). So for example we could pop out for a quick cocktail here & accidentally, unexpectedly meet our soulmate-yes, but we could also get plastered & end up doing some lud


Full Moon in Cancer 10.35pm tonight, AEDT. With Luna Full in her home turf of Cancer, our natural intuition/empathy/instinctual wisdom/emotional intelligence and emotional congruence/creative flow and (let's face it), potential to sulk/mood swing/tantrum up a storm is all peaking today! We're feeling everything more acutely than ever; so anything that's building up recently in our emotional lives that we may have been attempting to suppress or block -it's gonna come busting out for sure right now, if we're not careful. This is great for centring ourselves in our emotional bodies for the self-awareness that is in it, aligning ourselves with our real, gutsy emotional truth the better to walk


Venus into Pisces, from yesterday afternoon-Feb 4th. Venus not only loves being in Pisces -where she is exalted, but also joins mystical Neptune, the South Node of spooky old memories, Chiron the healer and nearly catches up with her lover Mars on her journey through the watery Pisces realms in the coming month -it's a magical mystery ride coming up for the goddess of love for sure. Specifically, Venus/South Node on the 8th could make this a week of dwelling on past loves -or even bumping into/hearing from some weirdo ex (eek?) but we keep it productive; the better to move on with a clearer perspective OR, if re-connecting we do it intelligently for goodness sake! And we also dig up any crea

2017 is HERE and the JANUARY SCOPES are UP!

So was 2016 a weirdo cracker of a year or what? But never fear, it's 2017 now and I think it just might be a good one... We've been shaken up enough to understand the value of genuine innovation, transformation and moving beyond any redundant old assumptions/scenarios (that weren't working anyway), the better to embrace our highest visions for a wonderful, liberated, positive new chapter (both personally and collectively); I mean things are changing anyway so why the hell not aim high? This is going to take courage, integrity and brazen optimism; but we have lucky, idealistic Jupiter in league with maverick, rebellious Uranus and own-your-shizz-the-better-to-transform-it Pluto; all grounded


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Jupiter in your biz sector has you chasing the liberating idea that yes you can do whatever the fuq you want in the world right now, with a sense of limitless possibility you normally don’t allow yourself to indulge in. I mean you’re always solid in the self-worth/shameless self-promotion of knowing you’re damn good at what you do –it’s kind of your thing. But the exuberant thrill of playing way outside your normal comfort zone professionally? This is a new realization that’s been bubbling up since September (you’ve got till October nail it), and this month is a nice kick to action any promising new schemes you’ve been contemplating… Uranus says your domestic/famil