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With Venus and Mars chasing each other through your comms sector throughout February, you are more likely to have a go at cultivating a new perspective on any relationship dynamics in your life right now.

Which is great, because the North Node in your sex/intimacy sector is still calling you to explore a new way of doing things, so flexibility and embracing the emotional learning curve is key to optimal outcomes here.

There could be a bit of a romantic chase going on, which may be magnetically intriguing (especially in early Feb) but you certainly can’t force; this thing may have the next 3-4 months to play out so plenty of time observe the ebb and flow of interest. Or there is a dialogue playing out in some key relationship (romantic or otherwise) right now; where your patron planet Uranus has you pulling off some genius, spontaneous new self expression that scores you whatever breakthrough conversation you’ve been itching to broach for a while.

The Full Moon Eclipse of the 11th is optimum time to bring the full force of your emotional transparency to this; less of your famous analysis (yes brilliant but not so useful here) and more feeling your way into authentic connection, yes?

And then the New Moon Eclipse of the 27th is either stoopid financial madness or genius inspiration. Think: when you walk around the world rocking your full, kooky, unique creative moxy –and knowing exactly what you want to achieve in the world- is when all good things flow your way; including the kind of coin/income to live on your own terms as much as possible. Might as well own it!

Image: Narcisse Magazine "Those Without Shadows" desert fashion editorial,

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