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With your ruling planet, Venus, about to spend the better part of the next 3 1/2 months in your soul sector, you have plenty of time to cultivate your inner romantic and creative world, and a great chance to fret a little less about whatever is playing out in the external world. You are tuning in –even more than usual- to your own value system and mysterious, internal, personal source of spiritual inspiration as the driving force in your life right now.

You’ve got this. I mean you’ve always been solid in walking your own talk without deviating from your core moxy –no one tells you what to do! It’s just the subtle withdrawal from material, wordly concerns, in order to flow with your soul calling/communion with your muse that requires a little extra attention right now.

Because the Destiny Point in your talent sector focuses this self-awareness (and self-discipline) on identifying what you’re truly, innately good at; and how to rock this as best as possible to carve out the future life/vocational path you’ve always known you deserve. By the New Moon Eclipse of the 27th, an awesome blast of you showing off your best, confident brilliance –with a cavalier indifference to outcomes- naturally reveals your fan base/ideal opportunities in the world. Genius.

Meanwhile, yes we have to talk about love. Venus dancing around with her lover, Mars is a romantic teaser for sure! It could be a mysterious soul-mate frisson that you can’t quite put your finger on, but it’s driving you half crazy with unconfirmed potential? It might be October until this thing nails optimum satisfaction; so plenty of time to enjoy this love affair to playing out, one way or the other? Or it could be an established connection with very subtle undercurrents beginning to reveal itself; and requiring subtle, intuitive mutual understanding on both sides to flesh out?

Or you’re withdrawn in your own, solo spiritual trip for maximum emotional nourishment and don’t so much require relationship drama right now? Cool, and your next mating season may swing around in full, sexy force by October. Remain true to thine own, formidable instincts either way.

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