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If you want to know how to score a bit of next level earning potential this month, it’s probably about knowing who to suck up to with that famous allure of yours, lol. Ok, only joking but the thing is that you are great at the insouciant, don’t give a fuq what anyone thinks vibe –and that can work. But right now it’s your smooth operator charm (and ok shameless flirt action) that greases the wheels for your most savvy, effective biz negotiations this month.

Cool, suave and persuasive wins the day.

Because the Full Moon Eclipse in your day job sector of the 11th / Lilith in your biz sector from the 15th want to make quite sure that wherever you’re applying your professional efforts, right now is working for you; by knocking them sideways with next level self worth re how you expect to be appreciated –not to mention paid- for all this! But you gotta be good to earn the big bucks/acclaim, so you need to enlist Saturnian discipline and sparky, Uranian innovation here the better to stand out from the professional crowd.

Then the New Moon Eclipse of the 27th is a nice reconnection with your own moxy and healthy, integral relationship with self, also awakening your magical charisma in the world, just for kicks.

And also activating the mysterious Destiny Point in your love sector. This involves lucky Jupiter in your sex/intimacy and money sector in sync with sexy Mars/Uranus action in your self-worth sector; you deserve a big, adventurous love story and you know it! Live and love large, with as much generosity as possible and life will reward you with fab new prospects; and maybe someone special will reward you with their best affections as well?

Image: Christian Dior, Vogue - January 1978, Photographed by Chris Von Wangenheim

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