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Image: Tim Walker

February is here, it's fab and the horoscopes are up...

We begin the month with Mars rocking a lively-up-yourself, ready to conquer anything Aries attitude, then Venus joining him in Aries; where she stays for the better part of the next 3 1/2 months!

So independent, brave (fearing the fear and doing it anyway), fierce, principled and determined to stay the course is soon the new normal.

Because with troublemaker Eris/rebellious Uranus sparking up expansive Jupiter and Bitch Lilith into wildling Sag from the 14th; we are restless as fuq and might want to find a healthy outlet for this!

Our spirit of adventure, wanderlust and previously unthinkable new possibilities is rapidly awakening. Claiming a new life path. Agitating for a better, freer, more liberated world. Charging off on some trip just because. Birthing a new creative/biz project. Making the effort. Yes we're likely this most intensely by the Lunar Eclipse of the 11th, so lets be ready...

Meanwhile Venus and Mars are playing with an enigmatic little maybe/maybe not little love dance in early Feb, the denuoument of which may not be entirely clear until October; but we certainly get a tantalising glimpse into the dynamic of any love affairs playing out this month.

And then the Solar Eclipse of the 27th is an exquisite rush of emotional spiritual, creative and romantic inspiration! We get to live like we mean it, because we are truly living from the heart; so why not make this our intention for the whole month already?

For more for your sign, see the horoscopes here.

Happy February x

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