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Well you’re not only supremely energised by your ruling planet Mars rocking your sign until March 10th, but also love goddess Venus spending the better part of the next 3 1/2 months in your sign –good times for sure.

Mars in your sign is always a rush of lust for life, libidinous life force turning you on to your most magnificent, optimum potential in the world. It’s a great excuse to grab that innate confidence to do your own thing on your own terms and not waste time giving a fuq what anyone thinks –you love this!

But Mars doing the slow, maybe/maybe not tango with his lover, Venus, in your sign this month (particularly early Feb) also turns your thoughts to the importance of relating to everyone in your life well right now. And yes, especially romance-your love life is ready to be on fire!

Maybe there’s a chase going on, some back & forth attraction where you’re loving the mystery of the unknown for the moment; it might not be until a more decisive Mars/Venus conjunction in October that this thing is resolved so embrace the thrill of the chase for the moment? Or a chemistry playing out with an existing lover, where you’re feeling one another out the better to evolve toward next level

understanding/intimacy/commitment? Yes this month is so productive for this process and again the rewards may be clearer by October; plenty of time to cultivate love’s full potential.

And lets face it you’re sexier, prettier, more brazen and charismatic than ever this month; so however you choose to express this moxy; love, biz, creativity, self-expression, self-mastery, living well etc. Yes you damn well can, it’s no time to underestimate yourself now!

Meanwhile, the Full Moon Eclipse of the 11th is all about claiming your brilliant raw talent/self expression in the world for a good time. And the New Moon Eclipse of the 27th is more spiritually inspired, introverted retreat phase; the better to energise thyself for the Ides of March..

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