Image: Robby Cavanaugh December is here and the scopes are UP. There are a number of astro influences going on, rather than one main focus so it feels like we're being pulled in disparate directions; but not really -they all point to drop the damn control freakery already and go with the grace of universal flow for a smoother ride... But what exactly is this 'flow' we're supposed to be tuning into? Well in the light of recent global current affairs, I would suggest we drop the illusion of separation/'isms'/blind attachment to the dominant paradigm and 1. All take individual responsibility for imagining and creating a better, more innovative, sustainable and compassionate world and 2. Come to


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is all fired up to get you fully on form this month with the following planetary imperatives: Taskmaster Saturn says keep up the fierce, raw discipline you’ve been persevering with all damn year; yes it’s been a drag at times (no shizz I hear you mutter) and it’s not over yet, but no way do you succumb to ennui or fatigue just when you’re about to finally make some headway! If you’re burning to get ahead (admit it), you goddamn work for it and no way around that one, I’m afraid. And rebel Uranus says you’ll need to take maximum creative risks if you want to be packing full personal confidence here, so you’re not just dragging out so


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Pluto is halfway through a decade long deep personal growth trip through your sign, and you could contemplate the following description of a caterpillar in its chrysalis, as a metaphor for this process you’re currently embroiled in: “The caterpillars new cells are called 'imaginal cells.' They resonate at a different frequency. They are so totally different from the caterpillar cells that his immune system thinks they are enemies...and gobbles them up but these new imaginal cells continue to appear. More and more of them! Pretty soon, the caterpillar's immune system cannot destroy them fast enough. More and more of the imaginal cells survive. And then an amazing th


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Bitch Lilith in your biz sector in sync with wounded healer Chiron in your income sector all month? It’s about the more you stick to the courage of your convictions in biz/career with an attitude of really not giving a fuq about boring, limiting expectations; the more you overcome any financial insecurities/lowered expectations you may have placed upon yourself re what kind of coin your unique skills are worth in the marketplace. It’s an obvious point to make, but relevant this month. The Full Moon of the 14th in your creative/self expression sector is gold for revving up your moxy here; if you’re talented and you know it clap your hands! And even if the doubting /du


PISCES/PISCES RISING The wounded healer Chiron and the South Node of old karma on psychic Neptune in your sign can feel like an exercise in sooky vulnerability and raking over every bloody therapeutic process in an effort to deal with being such a sensitive soul in the world? I mean it’s great and so constructive, but can feel a bit intensely emo at times… So you know what’s great right now? Bitch Lilith in your vision sector hitting up Chiron to flaunt your raw, instinctual, emotional intelligence with that much more ferocity. You’re a magical, compassionate, introverted soul, cultivating your shamanic potency and also a moody biatch when the mood strikes you, cos you’ve earned the right to


ARIES/ARIES RISING So WTF is up with your love life right now?? Restless Uranus in your sign is triggering the hell out of lucky Jupiter in your love sector, and it feels like all bets are off: Uranus kind of makes you want to reveal your true self and embrace some crazy, weirdly promising, emotionally authentic ride with whoever is turning you on right now. And Jupiter says whomever you’re into (or is about to turn up?) is totally into it! I mean nothing heavy or forced, but the thrill of taking a risk on an amazing connection for no other reason that it feels unaccountably exciting is kind of your thing this month… But Uranus also has you itching to cut and run on any entanglement that fee


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING I would love to say you maintain your usual calm, steady demeanour throughout December but really? If you were hoping to do comfortable complacency right now, we need to talk… Uranus in your soul sector is a restless as fuq inner seeking that keeps prodding you and whispering a siren song of new possibilities… what’s next, what’s next, there must be a new, more innovative and exciting way of doing things… And Jupiter in your day-job sector couldn’t agree more! You want a meaningful day-job/gig and the freedom to pursue it on your own terms/flexible hours/preferably not some micro-manager looking over your shoulder every minute. And Pluto in your vision sector says lets s


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Ok so the tricky thing for you right now is the wounded healer Chiron in your biz sector, poking at any self-doubt you ever had about your career prospects and you in existential angst about whether or not you’ll ever ‘make it’… Is this insecurity valid? Of course not, but its an interesting process to productively question if you’re on precisely the right vocational path, and make any adjustments necessary to get yourself even more on track… So thank goodness for Bitch Lilith on board in the day-job sector, saying it’s all about cleaving to your own, unique way of doing things at work, with unapologetic personal spunk on your own terms. This will get you back in your po


CANCER/CANCER RISING As far as the work life balance goes, rarely have you been so fired up to make sweeping changes across the home and biz front all at the same time! Uranus in your vocational sector is restless as fuq, and given a choice between comfortable complacency or shaking it up for a more exciting/innovative (albeit less stable) version of the Cancerian career? Oh yes, you’re choosing thrilling new possibilities/a maverick professional attitude for sure! The Full Moon of the 14th is you in full, visionary mode and pursuing the whole soul path/spiritual calling thing. You’re more turned on than ever by rocking your fundamental, essential talent in the world (thank you uncompromisin


LEO/LEO RISING Look. We all know you are a supremely talented creature, full of endless, brilliant potential if you only believe in yourself-which you inevitably, almost always do! So Saturn in your creative/self expression sector right now is an interesting and unusual challenge. On the one hand, you get to drill down with genuine discipline on whatever core competency matters to you; and turn the best, innate skill you always knew you had into something really special via sheer, determined elbow grease. In other words you figure out what you’re good at and work it baby, with maximum success in mind. On the other hand, you’re kind of tempted to spiral into some deep vortex of self-sabotage/


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING If you happen to be seeking to heal/problem solve/finesse any issues in your most significant relationships right now –you might want to look at Bitch Lilith in your communication sector sorting out Healing Chiron in your love sector for maximum insight. There is a certain spunk in expressing oneself with razor-sharp, articulate, savvy authenticity and you tend to have a brilliant grasp of this –it’s like a core competency of yours. And Lilith is revving this up beautifully right now, which is great for keeping it real and cultivating more healthful, sexily genuine relations right now. But you know that extra edge of bristly critical thinking, taking no shizz on principle,


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING Venus, your lovely ruling planet, into your play sector from the 8th is a nice reminder to have some fun with life this month… Mars has been revving up your creative moxy lately, so you have the bravado to put yourself out there in all your confident glory; and Venus helps to milk this by reminding you exactly what your most brilliant, unique talent is and enjoy getting some shameless self promotion on re this! I mean if you don’t believe in your own inimitable excellence first, how the hell can you expect the rest of the world to, know what I mean? And Venus also has you –the most accomplished flirt in the world- even more on form with the dazzling charm than usual. Wheth


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING Don’t freak out but Lilith in your sign is arcing up your native incandescent, uncompromising, bitching spunk even more than usual this month –can the world handle this or what?? I mean you’re not one to shy away from personal authenticity at the best of times; you would always choose iconoclastic and provocative self expression over beige, people pleasing conformity –you’re famous for this, clearly. But it can be tricky sometimes, to handle the expectations/judgements incoming when you ply your particular charisma in the world (I mean how many people, when they ask your sign immediately lower their gaze to your crotchal area or start madly searching for the nearest fi


So we have a New Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow night, 11.18pm Nov 29th AEDT. Sag New Moons are always a chance to re-connect with any wilding, adventurous, freedom-loving spirit we've been neglecting lately and go fly free in whatever way best turns us on... And on that note, It so happens that I am a Sag and it happens to be my birthday tomorrow & I'm, fittingly, off on a road trip for it so I'm gonna keep this brief as I'm writing on the fly! if you're suddenly, inextricably struck by any bolt of wanderlust, rebellious urge to fuq off any tedious obligations and take some regenerative, inspiring travel/nature worship/time out/solo contemplation this week? You're not imagining it, this is th


For those of us troubled by these crazy times; and tempted to give in to despair but determined to not only survive, but thrive anyway... yes there is a wonderful awakening happening right now! Image: David Shankbone It might be veiled by the illusion of hatred and separation but underneath it all there is a wellspring of human hope, compassion, fraternity and sovereign empowerment just busting to rise up and claim a golden new age of shared abundance/mutual respect/individual liberty in the world. Those previously trodden underfoot are so ready to rise up and shine; without malice or violence but so not taking the bullshit anymore... Image: Jimmy Nelson Fuq dualistic/ two-party candidates,


So it's been a wild week and we could really use some grounding, and what better energy than lushy, nourishing Taurus to calm us down and soothe our frazzled souls? Viola, Full Moon in Taurus coming up, 11.52pm tonight AEDT -thank fuq. Full Moons are an opportunity to bring to a head any emotions brewing in the previous month (and there's been a helluva lot recently!), the better to properly feel, express and release them. And Taurus allows us to really tune into the tangible, kinaesthetic emotional body and feel the truth of where we're at deep down in our bones. No fancy analysis required (we've been way too much in our intellectual headspace recently); just to be, right here right now an


Image Paolo Roversi Venus into Capricorn 2.54pm today AEDT (until Dec 8th), and immediately aspects her lover Mars, so yes we need to talk about love this week... But first, current affairs. I had a go at the male president elect in my recent Mars post, so I guess it's only fair I critique the female archetype in this politico scenario in a Venus post... Venus is obviously the female principle, and in 'feminist' terms in Capricorn her better qualities are strength of character, enduring perseverance against all odds, sticking it to the patriarchy by being better/tougher/more capable than 'the man' and proving that any woman can play with the big boys on her own terms, more than hold her own


So I just posted about Mars newly into Aquarius being the marker of the great, visionary, authentically free thinking male archetype -and how that's not exactly playing out on the world stage right now, politico wise. And lo and behold one of our most genuinely visionary, authentic, free thinking, stunning poets has just left us. RIP Leonard Cohen, a gentleman and scholar, a truly great artist who reminds us all to just get on with walking our talk with quiet, powerful integrity and sans the bullshit bravado we've been recently fed. Interestingly, Mr Cohen's natal Mars was at one degree Aquarius (creative visionary placement); same as it is in the sky right now. So Leonard left us right on h


Image: Cade Buchanan, Spaceman So warrior god Mars tripped the light fantastic into futuristic Aquarius on Nov 9th -until December 18th, and what have we here? Mars rules, if not the actual patriarchy then certainly the 'masculine' imperative to go forth and conquer, wilfully assert and satisfy our desire nature and basically Boss it Up in the world. And Aquarius does it with a maverick, unconventional, rebellious style for sure. Image: Brandon Flowers Without wading into the political discourse, it's symbolically interesting that we now have a male archetype in leadership who -apart from being as weird and surreal, to the point of comical, a figure as can be imagined-many see as an outsider