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Pluto is halfway through a decade long deep personal growth trip through your sign, and you could contemplate the following description of a caterpillar in its chrysalis, as a metaphor for this process you’re currently embroiled in:

The caterpillars new cells are called 'imaginal cells.' They resonate at a different frequency. They are so totally different from the caterpillar cells that his immune system thinks they are enemies...and gobbles them up but these new imaginal cells continue to appear. More and more of them! Pretty soon, the caterpillar's immune system cannot destroy them fast enough. More and more of the imaginal cells survive. And then an amazing thing happens! The little tiny lonely imaginal cells start to clump together, into friendly little groups … all resonating at the same frequency… then at some point, the entire long string of imaginal cells suddenly realizes all together that it is Something Different from the caterpillar. Something New! Something Wonderfull! And in that realization is the shout of the birth of the butterfly!" Norie Huddle

And I get that it’s been bloody intense at times (…understatement of the year, you mutter under your breath...), but you just know there’s a magnificent rebirth coming –you deserve it!

So yay for lucky Jupiter hitting up Pluto for a better time than you’ve had in a while, bang on right now and playing out over the next 6 months! You’re seeing a broader, more positive and promising scope to whatever challenges you’ve been recently grappling with; and more than ever in touch with the shiny, brilliantly authentic New You getting ready to emerge in the coming years –true!

The Full Moon of the 14th places the emphasis of this firmly in the realm of some fab professional opportunity, which you want to embrace with maximum courage for best results. The better to enjoy the New Moon in your sign of the 29th, where you get to strut around the world feeling hot because you’ve got your groove on by having the courage to do the very best you can with what you’ve got. It’s important here to rock your best, ‘imaginal cell’ visionary thinking and crystal clear communication with whoever needs to get what you’re on about. Know what I mean?

And love? Perhaps someone special is noticing this beautiful transformation in you-and they like it!

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