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Bitch Lilith in your biz sector in sync with wounded healer Chiron in your income sector all month? It’s about the more you stick to the courage of your convictions in biz/career with an attitude of really not giving a fuq about boring, limiting expectations; the more you overcome any financial insecurities/lowered expectations you may have placed upon yourself re what kind of coin your unique skills are worth in the marketplace. It’s an obvious point to make, but relevant this month.

The Full Moon of the 14th in your creative/self expression sector is gold for revving up your moxy here; if you’re talented and you know it clap your hands! And even if the doubting /dunderheaded public can’t quite wrap their head around your sparkling genius (yet), you just know the cool free-thinkers visionaries will … you’ve operated most brilliantly in maverick, iconoclastic mode and right now is no exception.

This is the meaning of lucky Jupiter in your vision sector lighting up your electrifying ruler, Uranus, in your comms/ideas sector and brave Pluto in your soul sector. We are all looking to a brighter, more innovative future and if you don’t help to lead the way, who the hell will??

Ok so Venus into your sign from the 8th helps enormously to shamelessly self-promote your undeniable talent in the world here, and shine your light already! And it’s also great for love:

This is your annual month of flaunting your drop-dead good looks and charming the hell out whoever you wish to lure into your orbit of magnetic attraction… got some seduction you’ve been busting to try on/romantic connection you’ve been hoping to cultivate further? Yep, you’ve got what it takes this month for sure. Again the keyword here is deep-seated confidence and full comfortability in your skin –own it.

Image: Thomas Paquet

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