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December is here and the scopes are UP.

There are a number of astro influences going on, rather than one main focus so it feels like we're being pulled in disparate directions; but not really -they all point to drop the damn control freakery already and go with the grace of universal flow for a smoother ride...

But what exactly is this 'flow' we're supposed to be tuning into? Well in the light of recent global current affairs, I would suggest we drop the illusion of separation/'isms'/blind attachment to the dominant paradigm and 1. All take individual responsibility for imagining and creating a better, more innovative, sustainable and compassionate world and 2. Come together to love and support one another already across stupid, illusory, collective divisions that have scarred our humanity for too long. But I digress.

Astrologically we have bitch Lilith in Scorpio with wounded healer Chiron in Pisces, where we overcome our emotional self-doubt by rocking a more brazen, spunky sense of our most authentic, provocative self expression and certainly not by watering it down one iota.

And freedom loving Jupiter in sync with rebellious Uranus has as seriously restless as fuq, with Pluto revealing any transformative changes in our our lives we've been brooding upon but wondering when to take the leap of faith? Yes that would be now! We're ready and able, and beyond bored with any stale old procrastination and it just feels right -so as far as chasing our big, scary dreams? If not now, when??

Oh and Pluto/Jupiter is a hugely lucrative vibe so you know, cash flow could be on the up to the extent we're rocking our best inspiration, aligning with our most natural vocational calling and with a grunting work-ethic (thank you Saturn)...

And the Full Moon of the 14th is a case of stay solid in our own, personal integrity the better to embrace -and play with- the infinite, multifaceted possibilities laid before us. Let's take the time to enjoy the ride!

And the month ends with a New Moon in Capricorn which picks up on that potent Plutonian vibe. We could be setting ourselves up for an abundant, endlessly promising 2017 by the New Year, if we remain aligned with our genuine core values and moving with the momentum of whatever energetic flow is insistently, instinctively pumping through our lives instead of fighting against it. Know what I mean?

Happy December, and an individual take for your sign is here x

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