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The wounded healer Chiron and the South Node of old karma on psychic Neptune in your sign can feel like an exercise in sooky vulnerability and raking over every bloody therapeutic process in an effort to deal with being such a sensitive soul in the world? I mean it’s great and so constructive, but can feel a bit intensely emo at times…

So you know what’s great right now? Bitch Lilith in your vision sector hitting up Chiron to flaunt your raw, instinctual, emotional intelligence with that much more ferocity. You’re a magical, compassionate, introverted soul, cultivating your shamanic potency and also a moody biatch when the mood strikes you, cos you’ve earned the right to be -so there!

Because the Full Moon of the 14th is where the biz world you operate in/authority figures at work say step the fuq up if you want to get ahead -which is true BTW, you do have to work it if you want to hustle up any career progress right now. And you say yeah sure I’ll come up with the goods for sure but on my own terms, thank you very much that also honours the work life balance to actually enjoy my home/personal life as well. Ok then –interesting negotiations ahead?

Mars into Pisces from the 19th gives you the moxy to follow all this through… 6 weeks coming up of you charging around in full go-gettem mode, unapologetically flexing your creative muscles and holding your personal power in the world …enjoy this!

Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter in your intimacy sector triggering sparky Uranus is pretty sexy… Something inside you wants to crack open a new level of authentic connection when it comes to love, and you know what? You are more likely to attract a positive, open-minded response from your lover in return. And if single, it could be time for someone cool to turn up and rock your world unexpectedly? Yes, it’s the season for romantic risk taking; I mean it’s not exactly stable/heavy commitment territory but it’s exciting!

Image: Silver Sparkle by tammilynn.cullen

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