SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING The magical Scorpio New Moon of October 31st has set you up for a beautifully empowered approach to embracing the opportunities of November, as follows: The Jupiter/Pluto vibe of spiritual inspiration/mental clarity that comes with a more enlightened, visionary approach to what really matters and ditching whatever tedious dialogues you frankly don’t give a flying fuq about anymore –so liberating. The Neptune/South Node biz in your creative sector unearthing some potent, innate talent you forgot you had, but could serve you so damn well should you choose to unearth and re-work the potential of your true genius… The Full Moon of the 15th in your love sector; Lilith says


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING The magical New Moon of October 31st sets you up for a beautifully, spiritually inspired approach to embracing the opportunities of November, as follows: The Saturn/Venus reality check re the Sag love life has so had your number lately; and now you are moving forward with an awesome new romantic intelligence –perhaps poorer of some illusions but definitely richer with a magnificently solid take on whatever entanglements/karmic attractions/savvy new attitudes to your partnership/single status are actually going to work for real. True love, if it’s happening right now is unfolding in slow burn, powerful, long term commitment mode… give this time huh? And Jupiter/


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Lucky Jupiter in your biz sector activating lucrative Pluto in your sign this month? It’s awakening your core competency; channelling your clear, unapologetic ambition towards scaring up some (potentially) big coin! Yes your native financial genius is peaking, to the extent you want to use this tangible financial freedom to get your moxy on and live with optimum, unfettered, meaningful personal authenticity? Yes, it’s time. Boshie Mars into your cash sector from Nov 9th-Dec 19th lends you the gutsy determination to follow through and go grab the income you know you deserve… Venus in your sign from the 12th renders you even more beautiful, effortlessly seductive, br


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING To the extent that the New Moon of Oct 29th triggered some brazen new Aqua career plan, but Mars hiding out in your soul sector has kind of watered down your sense of being able to action anything, just yet? Fear not, Mars into your sign from Nov 9th-Dec 19th is going to fire your fearless, ambitious moxy way the hell up! You are entering a period of fierce, assertive will-to-thrive that you’ve been waiting for for fuqing ages… finally you channel the rocking self-confidence and personal momentum to enact all those fab plans you’ve been brewing lately! Yes, it’s time to go forth and assert thyself, grab life by the throat, initiate the Aqua life plan and generally th


PISCES/PISCES RISING What’s really important for you right now is understanding how doing the hard-yards to clarify your most key relationships helps you to get over your own shizz, in the name of better, more healthful human connection. Sometimes our loved ones save us from ourselves, because we have to ditch our own, ancient, redundant emo baggage if we want to forge ahead with fresh, current , emotionally intelligent new ways of connecting with the people who really matter to us… know what I mean? Get your head around this for an optimum version of healthy romance/relating and healthy personal growth in November. Meanwhile Venus in your biz sector is firing up your most sexy, innate talen


ARIES/ARIES RISING The New Moon of October 31st was a most effective insight into how you do intimate/sexual/financial/biz entanglements, setting you up for a beautifully empowered approach to embracing the opportunities of November, as follows: The Jupiter/Pluto square reveals the synergy between confident, positive relating and the confidence to make super empowered decisions to maximise/dramatically transform your career potential. Biz partnerships/relationships in some very promising vocational thing are firing on all cylinders here for sure… And your personal relationships are more supportive of your career plans than ever –especially if you bring it home and share the spoils of your su


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING The New Moon of Oct 31st awakened a magical new perspective on Taurus romance, and you’re all geared up to love as authentically/courageously as possible in November – don’t go losing this moxy anytime soon huh, it’s going to serve you so well as the month unfolds… Love goddess Venus is in your sex/intimacy sector from the 12th; which yes is fabulous for notching up major validation re your legendary seductive prowess/irresistible charm/spectacular bedwork and all, for a good time… But also when Venus meets Pluto around the 25th you have a really timely, valuable reality check about the quality of commitment, longevity and what actually matters in your current entangleme


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING The New Moon of Oct 31st was a bit of an eye opener –in a good way, about your day-job potential and the rewards that come from a fiercer and smarter work-ethic right now. Thus do you approach November with a savvy eye to intelligent professional progress… The South Node/Neptune action in your vocational sector is getting you to identify, unearth, re-evaluate and perfect all those skills you’ve been busy cultivating all these years; it’s time to use them! It’s all about inspired new strategies to rock your innate professional genius in November-the better to score the biz success and work/life balance/lifestyle you really want. Meanwhile, love goddess Venus into your lov


CANCER/CANCER RISING The magical New Moon of October 31st has set you up for a beautifully empowered approach to maximising your creative, arty, romantic potential; the better to fully, unconditionally embrace and enjoy life on it’s own terms this month, as follows: Jupiter has you in maximum wanderlust mode-you want a cruisy home base that affords you a lovely lifestyle, the freedom to live large and maybe travel/take off at a moment’s notice should the mood to do so possess you. And Pluto wants you to get down and dirty, for maximum authenticity in any key relationships for pretty much the same reasons… the Cancerian vibe right now is so the more you let me do as I wilt the more I’ll love


LEO/LEO RISING Mars into your love sector from the 9th means someone hot/ardent/determined to woo you -and really means it- could be about to be coming at you fast! Leo mating season is actually pretty fired up until the end of January so more libidinous and luckily even more in demand than usual, just so you know… Ok and it also means that certain connections/relationships generally could be vibing rather more tetchy/aggro than usual, so you want to watch that and resist the considerable temptation to let your buttons be pressed/temper triggered too easily. But mostly this is super affirming, energised moxy to fire up key partnerships in your life to optimal potential. Because Neptune and


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING The gods of change are shining a light on any dodgy old baggage that might be lurking in your romantic/relational history –old patterns and attitudes you keep repeating /a perpetual ‘type’ you seem constantly drawn to/an actual ex or old flame suddenly lurching out of the shadows of love past? As you’ve no doubt guessed it’s not about sliding backwards and indulging in any of this as some kind of ongoing life plan (lol) –it’s about clearing/resolving/learning from the past (including unearthing and refining all that emotional wisdom/romantic intelligence you’ve picked up along the way) - the better to move forward to a more current way of doing things. Obviously, right? So


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING The magical New Moon of October 31st has set you up for a beautifully empowered, self confident and potentially lucrative approach to embracing the opportunities of November. With lucky Jupiter rocking your sign you know you want to live large and hook into some kind of abundant flow of wealth through your life, with which to fund a more adventurous existence –and with Jupiter hitting up powerhouse Pluto you know you can! Pluto is actually transforming your life from the ground up – you get the home/family base right first, the better to launch those bigger escapades that Jupiter is calling you toward. With your ruling planet, Venus, on board from the 12th you immediately


November is here, and in keeping with Scorpio season it's straight-up, get your shizz together and get on with it time. The horoscopes are ready to go here We have Jupiter and Pluto promising such potent, unstoppable, empowering and frankly lucrative (yes wealth kind of matters right now) potential in the world this month. and Venus in Capricorn is wildly ambitious which is exciting, but when she meets Pluto late Nov we're gonna know exactly what we have to fiercely transform in our lives in order to get there! ... so we're driven by a lust for success, but we have to goddamn work for it -I know, as usual. The South Node/Neptune thing has us dredging up every single ghost from our past and g


New Moon in Scorpio 4.38 this morning, AEST; we are coming off a most potent, magical energy here... Scorpio Moons always crack open our most authentic, primal source of personal power and help us to grab it, and direct it positively toward whatever fresh new transformations we're seeking in our life. Of course a few demons/toothy emotions might fly out of the basement as well but you know, we let them go the better to fly free ourselves; fierce, beautifully unencumbered and nothing but inspired by our brilliant future. We also have clever Mercury helping us to stay sharp, in the sense of remaining very conscious of our thoughts and words right now.. the power of speaking our truth clearly a


So Venus rocks on in freewheeling Sagittarius, from today-November 13th for a good time... The feminine principle of Venus really claims her wild, Artemesian, wilderness, untamed I am woman hear me roar aspect in Sag. Venus is about values, and the primary value of Sag is to be Free. And not just a little bit loose within the confines of a broader, opressive regime but actually, no-compromise, captain of her own destiny, riding into the sunset, unbridled wild-animal Freedom. And for Venus this means taking no shizz from any lingering partriarchal crap that seeks to dominate her wildling female spirit. (I think that every Sag secretly wishes they were one of those outlaws (or Sioux warriors)


Aries Full Moon coming up, 2.23pm Sunday16th October, AEST. Aries is the bold, brave, independent trailblazer of the zodiac; so a Full Moon here is a rising up of any emotional imperative we've been feeling lately to get out there, assert ourselves with healthy, self-assured moxy and initiate some bolshie new opportunities in our life already... We want to be free to do our own thing and ideally score some street-cred for how brilliantly we're doing it. Aries is the idealistic fighter, and loves to lead the way to a brighter future... so all of us, in or own little way, are wondering how to agitate for a better, more authentic way forward... Because we ALSO have the maverick rebel, Uranus,

OCTOBER promises BEAUTIFUL beginnings IF we pay ATTENTION!

October is here and the scopes are up. It's a banging chance to score some real traction, as we glide elegantly forward with tangible momentum and personal composure, grace and aplomb. The month begins with a magnificent Libra New Moon, ruled by lucky Jupiter; to inspire us with a beautifully expansive sense of endless possibilities for the month... Jupiter newly in Libra is a fresh, more positive, inspired, hopeful and honest approach to relationships than we've had for a while. We're nicer to each other generally, and our romantic mojo is plucky, candid, trusting and divinely open hearted, which is just lovely... Then the Full Moon of the 16th is Uranian! We swing into full blown, maveric


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING Lucky Jupiter has just commenced a 12 month transit of your sign, where you’re living larger, taking more healthy, life affirming risks on your own gorgeousness and believing more fab things are possible than you have for a while… so it’s time to get used to having more fun, and an easier trot for a whole year! So the Jupiterian New Moon of the 1st is a brilliant, auspicious kick-start re this, and setting you up for a beautifully expansive October. An open-minded spirit of adventure –where you thrive on your own, free spirited terms-answerable to no-one, thank you very much- is your new buzz and you’re ready to embrace it right now! Then the Full Moon of the 16th helps, w


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING The New Moon of the 1st is shamanic-style tuning in to your internal reserves of primal, magical power-you’re so good at this! If there’s any sign willing and able to take full, personal responsibility for how much your own internal belief systems/instinctual intelligence direct your life force toward whatever manifests in your life, its you! The force is strong with you and you know it… and lucky Jupiter says it’s really time to rock it and set your best, clear intent for the coming month for a great shot at successful outcomes. Venus in Scorpio till the 18th is helpful, firing up your sexy moxy, glamour and creative genius and all. Especially when Venus meets bitch g


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING What with Saturn grinding your native exuberance into one long, relentless, seemingly endless lesson in correct work ethic right now, you need some fun/mental fresh air to balance it out…and your ruling planet, Jupiter lighting up your social/vision sector for the whole next year could be just the trick! A new social confidence/re-connecting with your tribe/hanging out with cool, like-minded crew/taking time out of the daily grind to nurture into the aspirational goals that turn you on is the best way to hook into exactly the kind of savvy, productive social networking vibe that opens up whatever successful life opportunities you have been recently craving? Rig