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Lucky Jupiter in your biz sector activating lucrative Pluto in your sign this month? It’s awakening your core competency; channelling your clear, unapologetic ambition towards scaring up some (potentially) big coin! Yes your native financial genius is peaking, to the extent you want to use this tangible financial freedom to get your moxy on and live with optimum, unfettered, meaningful personal authenticity? Yes, it’s time.

Boshie Mars into your cash sector from Nov 9th-Dec 19th lends you the gutsy determination to follow through and go grab the income you know you deserve…

Venus in your sign from the 12th renders you even more beautiful, effortlessly seductive, brilliantly talented and generally potent than usual for a good time, the Full Moon of the 15th awakens a lovely, playful spirit of fearless self-expression and personal confidence to the mix; and by the time Venus meets sexy Pluto by the 25th you know exactly what to do about it!

Creatively manifesting a genuinely transformative, rewarding and spunky new groove for yourself in love, money, art, your ‘look’, personal growth whatever –it’s up to you to make it happen. Yes you can, the second half of November is where you own it, baby!

And the New Moon of 29th picks up on any cash creation schemes you’ve got going on and how to integrate $ priorities with your own spiritual integrity –nice.

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