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To the extent that the New Moon of Oct 29th triggered some brazen new Aqua career plan, but Mars hiding out in your soul sector has kind of watered down your sense of being able to action anything, just yet? Fear not, Mars into your sign from Nov 9th-Dec 19th is going to fire your fearless, ambitious moxy way the hell up!

You are entering a period of fierce, assertive will-to-thrive that you’ve been waiting for for fuqing ages… finally you channel the rocking self-confidence and personal momentum to enact all those fab plans you’ve been brewing lately! Yes, it’s time to go forth and assert thyself, grab life by the throat, initiate the Aqua life plan and generally thrive …you’re gonna love November on this level…

So the Full Moon of the 15th reveals just how much ferocity and raw professional authenticity is required to pull your next big career/biz move off –and yes, you dig deep and damn well find it! But also has you musing upon the Aqua home life, and the importance of an emotionally fulfilling personal scenario as well?

You are becoming aware that certain old beliefs about what constitutes your personal security/autonomy are maybe a bit redundant? And in order to break out of limiting ideas re this you need to take a risk on some kind of vulnerability in certain entanglements? Emotional/sexual/financial/family connections are calling your name right now… ready or not it’s time to open up and embrace all that scary stuff you can’t control when it comes to the most important people in your life; for a more fulfilling version of Aqua relationships.

The New Moon of the 29th is helpful- where you understand your optimum niche in the world and cultivate the tribe who support, love and understand who you are accordingly –well done you!

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