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What’s really important for you right now is understanding how doing the hard-yards to clarify your most key relationships helps you to get over your own shizz, in the name of better, more healthful human connection.

Sometimes our loved ones save us from ourselves, because we have to ditch our own, ancient, redundant emo baggage if we want to forge ahead with fresh, current , emotionally intelligent new ways of connecting with the people who really matter to us… know what I mean? Get your head around this for an optimum version of healthy romance/relating and healthy personal growth in November.

Meanwhile Venus in your biz sector is firing up your most sexy, innate talent in relation to your career plans in early November and you’re wondering… how do I get noticed for how professionally brilliant I really am right now???

From the 12th you realize… it’s all about effective networking, interpersonal skills in the world and hanging out with the right crew… do you sense a theme here? Identify and cultivate the most promising connections in your life –ones that open up your world/support your efforts/push you to do better, and opportunities to move forward spring forth accordingly… No man/woman is an island and certainly not you right now…

When Venus meets pragmatic Saturn in your biz sector around the 25th, supported by lucky Jupiter in your money sector you’ll know exactly how to advantageously work up some brilliant career strategy, and then the New Moon of the 29th is time to get a move on making it happen… for a potentially profitable December?

Image: Holly Wilmeth, 'queen of the ocean-yemanja fish'

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