The magical Scorpio New Moon of October 31st has set you up for a beautifully empowered approach to embracing the opportunities of November, as follows:

The Jupiter/Pluto vibe of spiritual inspiration/mental clarity that comes with a more enlightened, visionary approach to what really matters and ditching whatever tedious dialogues you frankly don’t give a flying fuq about anymore –so liberating.

The Neptune/South Node biz in your creative sector unearthing some potent, innate talent you forgot you had, but could serve you so damn well should you choose to unearth and re-work the potential of your true genius…

The Full Moon of the 15th in your love sector; Lilith says you’re bitchingly authentic about what you want (as usual) and Neptune permits you to indulge your most divine, idealistic notions of true romance/sacred pair-bonding - but ONLY if you’re not dragging some ancient delusional/toxic unfinished love baggage/entanglements into this scenario. Think shiny, new and a freshly functional attitude no matter what!

The New Moon of the 29th awakens your best cash savvy; you want to translate that brilliant creative talent of yours into a viable, income-generating scheme that the world is actually ready for; think current, viable and social networking savvy. You are so lean, mean and efficient right now you’re bound to get ahead this month if you keep it real…