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The magical New Moon of October 31st sets you up for a beautifully, spiritually inspired approach to embracing the opportunities of November, as follows:

The Saturn/Venus reality check re the Sag love life has so had your number lately; and now you are moving forward with an awesome new romantic intelligence –perhaps poorer of some illusions but definitely richer with a magnificently solid take on whatever entanglements/karmic attractions/savvy new attitudes to your partnership/single status are actually going to work for real. True love, if it’s happening right now is unfolding in slow burn, powerful, long term commitment mode… give this time huh?

And Jupiter/Pluto are about a bangingly authentic version of the Saggi income –more aligned with your values, the niche you want to occupy in the world and the kind of people, social life and community values you want to be associated with. Venus lushing up your cash sector from the 12th and the Full Moon in your work-ethic sector on the 15th help pull it together –around the 25th in particular could be a most satisfying payday/reward re this.

Then the New Moon of the 29th is a chance to really nail the brilliant career momentum and untangle any conflicting home/family priorities in order to cultivate your ideal domestic sanctuary; harmonic work/life balance is important right now and quite obtainable, actually.

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