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So how is everyone going out there in dystopia? Wild times are upon us, and I will try to share my astro thoughts as succinctly as possible through the prism of this Aries New Moon, exact 7.29pm March 24th, AEDT.

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Aries generally about how to align with our own core, autonomous drive to do things on our own terms. Especially with Lilith involved, this is where we forge our own path based on being true to ourselves with courageous, gutsy self-reliance & following the beat of our very own drum.

So how does that resonate with us now? Because yes with this massive upheaval we must all dig deep, become massively resourceful & step up to whatever unknowns are coming up, with as much personal integrity as possible. Yes, but of course this is also the most global, collective crisis we've possibly ever seen; calling in a necessary awareness of our community, family & personal relationships & social paradigms with sharp, immediate focus -we are all in this together big time! How do we balance the need for personal freedom & independent choice and our responsibility to look after one another?

The astrology is as follows:

Aries New Moon on the healer Chiron -we must take personal responsibility for our own health & wellbeing choices, to some extent. Chiron is the wounded healer, so yes cue health crisis, but also the healing process is a powerful thing-this could hopefully provide some hope, genuinely sustainable & effective solutions and a light at the end of the tunnel, that we all come out thriving as much as possible on the other side.

Saturn has just entered Aquarius for the next 2.5 years. Saturn is authority, rules, responsibility, restriction & tends to trigger our fear/survival response. And Aquarius is about collective values, group dynamics, social dynamics/social gatherings/social bonding and how we keep our unique, individual spark within the social paradigm we find ourselves a part of. It;s about being free spirited, free thinking mavericks whilst also navigating our place within the tribe. As we are balancing our civil liberties with new rules & regulations as intelligently as possible -interesting huh?

Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn is easing off but still throbbing away in the background. This is major, generational upheaval on the most fundamental level of primal economic survival, political power trips & functional structural change. And as much as this has hit us harder than we could have predicted. But I tell you what with Jupiter/Pluto coming exact by April 1st -this honestly could be a unique, powerful opportunity to phoenix into a more regenerative, positive, expansive, fair & inclusive way of doing things.

We are heading into such unprecedented, uncharted territory, and the challenge is scary as fuq; but the same amount of energy that goes into fear, hoarding,isolationist tendencies can also go into generously looking after one another, considering each other;s needs, cultivating our robust immune systems to thrive as best as possible & build ourselves back to wellbeing & a more abundant, healthy future for us all.

Happy New Moon folks, lots of love & hope we are all staying well, positive & keeping the faith that things can & will get better xxx

Image: original credit the wonderful Alexandra Valenti.

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