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So when Venus enters Taurus we usually breathe a sigh of relief, as we come down from the fiery, combative, temperamental passion of Aries Venus & ground ourselves in the soothing vibes of Taurus sensuality, easy pleasure & steady, bovine comfortability in our skin and relational/material stability.

Especially after the primal, volatile, transformative upheaval of Saturn/Pluto recently -we're hoping to settle down and lush out for a while, with Venus in Taurus from March 5th right??

Yeah but no but -sorry folks but no sooner does Venus enter Taurus than pulled into the orbit of sparky Uranus, and the explosive fireworks are more game on than ever! This conjunction is exact by March 9th and we'll be feeling it for for the next week or so -and I tell you what this is NOT a time to pick fights or make rash decisions about love/biz/money unless we're actually ready for rapid change, sudden blowback & bonkers new options to come at us fast, furious & if we think we can control freak this process-lol not so much,

I mean yes, this is perfect astro for sudden liberation from stuck old scenarios, so that's fab for a breath of fresh air; and for some of us the radical new perspectives/flash crushes/extreme romantic candour to shake things up & maybe wonderful love progress/creative breakthroughs/crazy biz & financial developments coming up are timely, and imperative for our personal growth. So we might as well be brave, adaptable & embrace the thrill of the new for sure. This could be so inspirational & positive...

But also, I''m just saying that any drastic decisions we make right now have a momentum of their own, and likely to spin into wild, unexpected outcomes at warp speed. So watch out, whatever intentions we put out right now manifest in weird & wonderful ways, so lets keep it clear and be careful what we ask for right now -know what I mean?

Image: Christian Von Wangenheim. for Dior,

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