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Virgo Full Moon coming at us, exact 3.47am AEDT March 10th. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month and in sensitive, highly strung Virgo we can be easily overwhelmed but also quite proficient at clever control freakery, to grit our pretty teeth & keep our elegant composure together no matter what. Virgo loves to keep it clean, orderly & make sober, pragmatic decisions rather than driven by chaotic emotions...

So do we Virgo out under this Moon, and manage our anxieties by obsessing over minute details, perfectionist expectations of ourselves, recreational nagging our loved ones or whatever gives us a sense of being in control right now? Yeah but are we even sober at this point, lol?

Because we have Neptune opposite this Moon to open the floodgates of such emotional overwhelm we just can't deny. And we find we're actually craving this opportunity to let go & just feel the waves of whatever oceanic feelings are rising up within us & around us. We're seeking rapturous, intoxicating connection with something that feels deeply true to our heart & soul. Especially with Venus/Uranus unleashing turbulent issues around love, money & creative expression that we just can't avoid-we want what we want & we get that we have to deal with our hungry desire nature right now, whether it's practically achievable or what?

This can be the bliss of higher spiritual/creative inspo, to channel our most imperative, meaningful intentions into reality with the pure focus to magically manifest them in the world as best we can under the circumstances. And even more importantly a crucial, unconditional love for ourselves & our love ones -beyond our preconceptions of how we all 'should be' coping right now lies a beautiful, intelligent emotional connection that yes, has healthy boundaries when things aint right but mostly a capacity to love fully with a brave acceptance of all our flaws. And this kind of generous yet realistic love takes a bit of work to get right huh?

But it's worth it, because the other side of Neptune is giving up cos it's all too tricky/vulnerable & just say fuq it & get drunk or whatever escapist tendencies get us off the hook from feeling it fully right now? Yeah no, let's keep it high end & keep it real huh?

Happy Virgo New Moon folks, lets do our best to rise up singing on the other side x

Image: via Mystic Mumma

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