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So Lilith & Chiron are hooking up in Aries right now, and travelling in pretty much exact conjunction for the rest of March -so might be time to talk about the primal, potentially positive astro coming up here:

Chiron is the wounded healer, who exposes our most poignant vulnerability, and how to lean into our pain bodies rather than avoidance techniques-we're ready to really look at our issues & feel it on the deepest level. But not so much the temptation to dwell on gnarly resentments about whoever hurt us/scratch our emotional scabs for recreational self pity-no no no! Chiron in Aries is much more pro-active than that, with the full courage to own our own shizz, and the profound comfortability in our own skin that comes from radical self acceptance of our most authentic selves. It's the energising buzz of following the beat of our own drum, just because it feels so good to keep it real...

And same goes for bitch goddess Lilith. She represents any aspects of our true selves that don't so much fit into the dominant paradigm; and we have to do the work to accept & integrate these 'shadow' qualities into our acceptable self-identity because we know who we are & frankly don't give a fuq about societal/bourgeois expectations or whatever. Especially in Aries -we're much more interested in the thrill of being brave trailblazers for new ways of of doing things than the lukewarm comfort of fitting in/falling in line wth the crowd -know what I mean?

And looking at the mythological symbolism:

Chiron is the centaur, a half human half horse who brings the intellect in line with the innate wisdom of our animal physicality, for an integrated mind/body/spirit connection for the purpose of healing our deepest, instinctual, healthy understanding of who we are & how to live well. Which includes nurturing our physical vitality & wellbeing btw, and in Aries we might want to hook into our most yang, dynamic workout regime -maybe strong cardio or some kind of martial arts to let off steam/ intelligently vent any Aries aggro energy rising up here?

And bitch goddess Lilith is the rebel feminine; who ditched patriarchal, 'straight' expectations of how she should behave, in favour of fuqing off to the proverbial wilderness, hanging out with the animals & wild things & reconnecting with her primal, instinctual life force on her own terms. So yeah, Lilith really doesn't give a fuq what anyone thinks, which suits bolshie Aries energy just fine.

So yeah, this astro is truly, spectacularly brilliant for those of us who are ready to fearlessly, ferociously connect with our own gut instincts & walk our talk on that with spunky integrity! I mean what do we have to lose other than any dreary compromise we've just been barely tolerating thus far, right?

Especially by the New Moon of March 24th, we're so up for a fresh perspective fuelled by all this fabulous self belief- which is something to look forward to...

Happy Lilith/Chiron, lets be brave and feel the burn of gutsy, authentic living whilst we can x

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