VIRGO/VIRGO ASCENDANT So the Virgo New Moon of Aug 30th has set you up all fresh and ready; for Sept to begin with your ruler Mercury into your sign to sharpen your native intelligence & clever charm –especially with a Mars/Venus conjunction in your sign you’re pretty damn onto the optimum relationship/communication dynamic for Virgo season… Especially by the Full Moon of the 14th in your love sector, it’s your annual mating/dating Moon to finesse the vibe with your partner/certain loved ones, or if on the prowl how to flirt your way into your next attraction scenario? And with Mars opposite Neptune for this one it’s weird & wonderful chemistry you’re dealing with: Could be you all passionat


LIBRA/LIBRA ASCENDANT The predominance of planets in your soul sector in early September is calling you to higher things –and by that I mean tuning into your inner, shamanic, inspo to fill your cup & guide you forward for the month… OMG so many light bulb moments could be turning you on, to the extent you’re not so much out & about seeking instant gratification in the external world as aligning with your core, most meaningful beliefs & creative imperatives & running with that magical/mystical juju for a good time… In other words you’re a spooky cosmic child, your chakras/crystals/spiritual practice etc are all shiny and, most importantly you’re beautifully comfortable in your skin & glowing


SCORPIO/SCORPIO ASCENDANT So to the extent you can be a bit of a brooding introvert, the sparkly astro energy in your social sector early Sept has you coming out of your shell –this could be fun! Maybe you’re out & about shaking your thing on the scene –showing off just for a good time & loving the attention that your sparkly charisma is attracting? Maybe, with Venus/Mars working their relational magic on your social life you’re bonding with your tribe for closer, lovely connection with special friends & a healthy, supportive network around you –this is honestly so good for embracing your best, well-connected niche in the world. And yes, being a Scorpio & all if single you may well be out on


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT Hallelujah! Your lucky ruling planet Jupiter has finally turned direct, and busy getting a wriggle on to manifest whatever promising aspirations you’ve been banging away at –apparently without any visible success-since mid April? I mean you’ve not been wrong believing in the dream lately, you’ve been onto something potentially brilliant; it’s just been taking it’s time to gain traction & short on the thrilling, instant gratification you normally get turned on by. But it’s been character building to suck it up, and persevere anyway right? So viola, a well-earned upswell in your fortunes is picking up momentum as we speak, and you just know you’ve come this fa


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN ASCENDANT So there’s a magical Jupiter/Neptune thing going on; connecting the synapses between your raw intuition & rational thought process which has you switched on, fully attuned & basically psychic as fuq this month –should you choose to listen to the light bulb moments illuminating your consciousness right now. It’s the season for visionary Capricorn genius! Especially by the Full Moon of the 14th Mars is backing your most big picture, expansive schemes for your life with zealous enthusiasm, along with the Sun/Venus/Mercury to finesse the process of creative manifestation. Gosh the more you focus your dreams with positive determination, you’re pretty goddamn onto it


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS ASCENDANT Well for a cool cat like yourself who often tends to avoid complicated personal/emotional entanglements (In favour of that fraternal, friendship, universal love thing you do so well) …September could be interesting. Mars/Venus in your sexy 8th house are stimulating all kinds of intimate moments/romantic chemistry to keep your love life intensely passionate just beyond your usual comfort zone –scary much? Especially by the Full Moon of the 14th with spooky Neptune all over it, if you’re in love/lust whatever the feelings could be somewhat overwhelming and tricky to sustain your usually crystal clear personal boundaries. Because yeah, you could be looking at anythin


PISCES/PISCES ASCENDANT Mating season alert! Venus & Mars have been brewing sexy chemistry in your love sector since late August, so any connections going on right now are looking quite promising-or at least super interesting for your consideration… Especially with Neptune involved your radiant charisma could be intoxicating a certain someone… and ok, Neptune also has you projecting that elusive, come hither or not mystique, so they’re maybe wondering how the fuq to come at you hmmm? Which could work in the sense that Neptune can attract anything from true soulmate bliss to dodgy misunderstandings/weird crushes; and luckily your emotional radar is finely tuned to the most exquisitely subtle


ARIES/ARIES ASCENDANT So the Neptunian Full Moon of the 14th in your soul sector & has you doing shamanic inner work/meditation/communing with your creative muse etc to fill your cup from within/wake the fuq up to a deeper purpose-you’re kind of cosmic & full of spiritual light bulb moments mid month. Yes, and I’ve also got to tell you that the preponderance of astro action in your practical 6th house is insisting that you walk your talk on all this inspiration in your daily life decisions-the better to magically manifest whatever is important to you into material reality pronto… I mean especially with your ruler Mars revving up such a fierce work ethic in sync with lucrative Pluto & Saturn


TAURUS/TAURUS ASCENDANT So after 5 months of Uranus in your sign, you’re presumably getting a handle on this sparky new energy rocking your world. And maybe loving the chance to explore exciting new ways to be you in the world, and a maverick, innovative force for change in whatever scenario you find yourself in? Which could have certain people re-appraising their expectations of you to be some kind of predictable, immovable bastion of stability as per the usual Taurus clichés… Watch out world you’re busy re-inventing yourself, shining bright with fresh moxy & there aint no stopping you now! Ok, and to this end your ruler Venus has you harnessing your best talent for the first half of Sept,


GEMINI/GEMINI ASCENDANT You’ve gotta love lucky Jupiter in your love sector this year, where important connections in your life are feeling more fun, promising and romantically expansive than ever. But maybe Jupiter retro for the last few months has had certain people vibing a tad ambiguous or just general ennui about the whole relationship paradigm? So it feels so good to have Jupiter back on track recently and picking up your positive love momentum for the rest of the year! Yes, and your ruler Mercury joining Venus/Mars in your home sector this month means clear communication with family/shacked up partners could focus your priorities on a more harmonious domestic dynamic. Especially the F


CANCER/CANCER ASCENDANT This month is all about the Full Moon of the 14th turning you on to such big picture, visionary thinking about where you want your life to go right now. With mystical Neptune involved you’ve got strange yearnings to chase certain dreams that may or may not make tangible sense just yet, but you don’t care; you’re happily aligning your aspirations with universal flow and beautifully open to exactly how it’s all going to manifest huh? Especially with lucky Jupiter finally direct in your day job sector, after a few months of retro where you’ve been nurturing certain promising work scenarios despite a few delays along the way? Well done you for keeping the faith, now that


LEO/LEO ASCENDANT How good is it to have lucky Jupiter direct in your favourite stomping ground- the 5th house of raw Leo talent, creativity & magnificently confident self-expression? Yes, after a few months of Jupiter retrograde and kind of cramping your style, you’ve got your mojo on and ready to rock-watch out world you’re back with a vengeance! Especially with the Full Moon it feels like you’ve never been so clear about your practical intentions –with a genius astro line up in your income sector activating pragmatic & potentially very lucrative Saturn/Pluto in your work/day job sector. And Uranus sparking up a more dynamic, change friendly attitude in your biz sector for innovative new v


Virgo New Moon exact 8.36pm August 30th, AEST, and in true Virgo style it's a sweet reminder to be elegantly discriminating about our priorities right now. We focus on the things that really matter with a lovely clean, fresh new clarity & quietly get the details right; whilst avoiding the temptation to wig out over the many details we can't control just yet. The suave emotional intelligence of this Moon is gold! And with the sweet romantic chemistry of last week's Mars/Venus conjunction still playing out and active on this Moon, we get that one of our most important priorities right now is the quality of our loving relationships. We're tuning into one another's needs & feelings with exquisit


Aquarius Full Moon, exact 10.29pm thurs 15th AEST and it's deliciously Venusian! I mean to the extent Full Moons are a rising up of our emotional responses & instinctive impulses for the month; in Aquarius we get the benefit of a sufficiently detached perspective to analyse, process & understand our moods more consciously, rather then just blindly blundering forward in full reactive, emo mode. Which is handy. But of course we also have to check that Aqua tendency to fully disassociate/freeze out our feelings in favour of cold logic, just because some feelings are a bit uncomfortable or inconvenient hmm... We still need to actually get into our emotional body & deal with the experience huh? W


So as an official Sag type I’ve been beyond frustrated with Sagittarius boss Jupiter retrograde these last few months…aargh frustrated wth thwarted progress in the world much?? ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣I mean it’s been great & all to pull back & reconfigure the personal life/core intentions beautifully-yay, the better to set the foundation for the next step… ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣So I’m so. fuqing. ready. for Jupiter to station direct (11.37pm Aug 11th, AEST to be exact) and prepare to aim my arrows with intelligent intention toward the next big adventure -and get my groove on in the world with fresh momentum…anyone else relate? ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣OMG can’t wait for the next chapter-it’s about time! Who’s with me -is it time to seiz