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Hallelujah! Your lucky ruling planet Jupiter has finally turned direct, and busy getting a wriggle on to manifest whatever promising aspirations you’ve been banging away at –apparently without any visible success-since mid April?

I mean you’ve not been wrong believing in the dream lately, you’ve been onto something potentially brilliant; it’s just been taking it’s time to gain traction & short on the thrilling, instant gratification you normally get turned on by. But it’s been character building to suck it up, and persevere anyway right? So viola, a well-earned upswell in your fortunes is picking up momentum as we speak, and you just know you’ve come this far and ready to thrive next level –you fully deserve it babe!

Also because the Full Moon of the 14th has you looking sharp with a loaded biz sector. Venus/Mars/Mercury/Sun here have you talented, motivated, charming & shining bright for nailing your best career aspirations. And I would suggest that if you’re out there hustling some new opportunity or whatever; it’s your sparkling charm that is your current superpower. Maybe finessing certain professional relationships/workplace politics is your best look –more so than the free range, fiercely independent, fuq-authority attitude that usually drives you huh? A bit of savvy networking could go a long way here…

But also you have spooky Neptune all over this Moon, which could be kind of weird to be honest but that’s got more to do with the Sag personal life. Could be reading subtle emotional cues in the family/co-hab dynamic, to navigate & ideally harmonise any fluxy scenarios at home? Could be making your home the perfect sanctuary to hide out & fill your cup with a bit of inner communion- which could be as simple as an inspired new décor to bliss out in?

And also love! With the Destiny Point in your sex/intimacy sector it’s all about the exquisitely vulnerable passion that could lead to something meaningful; sans veering off into loony Neptunian romantic delusions-always a fine line I know. But if you get this right -especially if you’re shacked up or want to be with your partner-yes, actual soulmating domestic bliss could totally be your thing mid Sept. Or maybe some hot date on home turf could be bonkers/intoxicated/unpredictable -but still strangely promising?

Image: Neil Krug

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