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So after 5 months of Uranus in your sign, you’re presumably getting a handle on this sparky new energy rocking your world. And maybe loving the chance to explore exciting new ways to be you in the world, and a maverick, innovative force for change in whatever scenario you find yourself in?

Which could have certain people re-appraising their expectations of you to be some kind of predictable, immovable bastion of stability as per the usual Taurus clichés… Watch out world you’re busy re-inventing yourself, shining bright with fresh moxy & there aint no stopping you now!

Ok, and to this end your ruler Venus has you harnessing your best talent for the first half of Sept, really drill down on what you’re good at and polish those shameless self promotion skills to show off in the world. Yes and the better to leverage your new creative confidence for maximum professional effect, when Venus hits your day job sector from the 15th onwards. Ooh la la you’re going to be such a smart, charming, stylish success machine at work this month if you play your cards right.

Especially by the New Moon of the 29th –a perfect time to back your best vocational schemes with a bit of good old fashioned, determined work ethic/positive health regime to carry you forward for the next few months of accelerated progress in the world.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon of the 14th is all about the kind of fearless self-expression where you get to strut around and play with whatever fun stuff turns you on, and connect with like-minded tribe you can share weird & wonderful new adventures with. Yes, your social scene could be thriving right now because you’ve got a fresh sense of your own brilliance, and mixing with people who really appreciate that.

Which is great for connecting with people who really matter, especially if you’re thinking about financial/biz/family/love entanglements that could be mutually advantageous. With lucky Jupiter involved you’re more likely to trust the right relationships. And yes including romance-could be a big, passionate intimacy with someone special (or at least exciting) to expand your horizons.

Image; via chicstylista unable to find original credit for this picture

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