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The predominance of planets in your soul sector in early September is calling you to higher things –and by that I mean tuning into your inner, shamanic, inspo to fill your cup & guide you forward for the month…

OMG so many light bulb moments could be turning you on, to the extent you’re not so much out & about seeking instant gratification in the external world as aligning with your core, most meaningful beliefs & creative imperatives & running with that magical/mystical juju for a good time… In other words you’re a spooky cosmic child, your chakras/crystals/spiritual practice etc are all shiny and, most importantly you’re beautifully comfortable in your skin & glowing from within.

The better to prepare for the Full Moon of the 14th, where you get to walk your talk and get busy manifesting some of that shiny idealism in the world:

I mean with this Moon on slippery Neptune in your work/health sector you can kind of choose between the louche lifestyle of dodgy bad habits, escapist avoidance, nonsensical hare brained schemes/alarmingly unprofessional behaviour on the day job because, you know ennui & you suddenly cant be fuqed because it’s meaningless grind/you’re hungover whatever –hmm? OR you can focus all that inner work you’ve been dong to actually manifest certain dreams & career goals –OMG especially in sync with the Destiny Point in your biz sector this one could be so magically fortunate IF you keep your intentions and actions crystal clear… I’m just saying that aiming for the stars/a gig that honours your creative and emotional values could feel so good mid month…

Especially with Venus into Libra from the 15th you have the sheer confidence to rock your most gorgeous, talented, positively creative groove in the world, so might as well do something tangible with that spectacular charisma whilst it’s peaking huh? And yes Venus also graces your romantic allure- your irresistible, flirty wiles are on point-ooh could be fun! And by the New Moon of the 29th maybe even look at healing a certain relationship dynamic with some beautiful, compassionate, loving connection huh? Well done you x

Image: Halston, spring 2019

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