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Well for a cool cat like yourself who often tends to avoid complicated personal/emotional entanglements (In favour of that fraternal, friendship, universal love thing you do so well) …September could be interesting.

Mars/Venus in your sexy 8th house are stimulating all kinds of intimate moments/romantic chemistry to keep your love life intensely passionate just beyond your usual comfort zone –scary much?

Especially by the Full Moon of the 14th with spooky Neptune all over it, if you’re in love/lust whatever the feelings could be somewhat overwhelming and tricky to sustain your usually crystal clear personal boundaries. Because yeah, you could be looking at anything from bonkers/delusional crushing etc to true, delicious soulmate bliss here. So whilst a bit of critical thinking is important to keep it real, it’s still so worthwhile to give love your very best shot right now –something exquisitely promising could be brewing!

And same goes for any biz/financial entanglements mid month; you could be setting up some fab, truly inspiring win-win earning scenarios with certain people –IF you can avoid the temptation to scam/be scammed in any dodgy schemes along the way hmmm? Again a bit of suave, critical thinking goes a long way to finesse any promising fiscal negotiations coming up.

Especially with Neptune in your income sector & the Destiny Point in your day job sector stimulating that whole ‘do what you love for a living & never have to work another day in your life’ scenario. This could be a chance to seize some genius professional impulse/follow the dream type action, and because you back that shizz with such sheer confidence you seemingly pull cash out of thin air just by being you! No one else knows how the fuq you do it, but you know the secret to magical manifestation baby, and you aint giving up on it now!

Which is a hell of a lot better than the alternative; with Neptune involved if you don’t follow the dream there’s an undertow of unfocused, bored energy that you’re tempted to fill with naff distractions/pointless intoxication/talking hare-brained crap you don’t follow through on etc, which is such a waste of precious energy, obviously. Positive focus the key to everything right now!

Image; Pierre Dubusschere

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