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So to the extent you can be a bit of a brooding introvert, the sparkly astro energy in your social sector early Sept has you coming out of your shell –this could be fun!

Maybe you’re out & about shaking your thing on the scene –showing off just for a good time & loving the attention that your sparkly charisma is attracting? Maybe, with Venus/Mars working their relational magic on your social life you’re bonding with your tribe for closer, lovely connection with special friends & a healthy, supportive network around you –this is honestly so good for embracing your best, well-connected niche in the world.

And yes, being a Scorpio & all if single you may well be out on the prowl for sexy opportunities in whatever scene you’re moving in? Sure why not, with Venus/Mars magic going on you’re statistically more likely to be enjoying flash attractions for flirty fun -and maybe even right time/place synchronicity for destinal encounters…that could have that edgy, passionate potential you love to play with.

Especially by the Full Moon of the 14th, with spooky Neptune involved your romantic vibe could be anywhere on the scale of delightfully intoxicating/soulmatey bliss to fuqing bonkers delusional to be honest. Ha, but you are the sign most likely to appreciate the subtle interpersonal forces at work here, and navigate them with spunky emotional intelligence right?

I mean extra especially with maverick Uranus in your partnership sector; you’re up for shaking up even the most entrenched ideas about the Scorpio love paradigm –the better for a shiny, liberated new take on dealing with your most important loved ones. Yes even if certain people are vibing weird or whatever, you roll with it & embrace the chance to evolve the relationship dynamic pronto for best results. This could be so liberating for both of you!

Meanwhile lucky Jupiter direct in your income sector is all about ditching any tendency to tight-ass, tight budget thinking you may have got stuck in lately? It feels like a bit of fresh fiscal confidence & abundant thinking on your part could go a long way to manifesting cool, expansive new earning opportunities.

Image: Hannah Lemholt

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