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So the Neptunian Full Moon of the 14th in your soul sector & has you doing shamanic inner work/meditation/communing with your creative muse etc to fill your cup from within/wake the fuq up to a deeper purpose-you’re kind of cosmic & full of spiritual light bulb moments mid month.

Yes, and I’ve also got to tell you that the preponderance of astro action in your practical 6th house is insisting that you walk your talk on all this inspiration in your daily life decisions-the better to magically manifest whatever is important to you into material reality pronto…

I mean especially with your ruler Mars revving up such a fierce work ethic in sync with lucrative Pluto & Saturn discipline in your biz sector for your professional advancement AND Venus showing off your best, innate talent on the day job –oh my, if you’re ever going to be a shiny success machine in the world it would be now!

So yeah, fully motivated & ready to rock your true vocational/life calling much? Extra especially with lucky Jupiter direct after months of stalling your big picture aspirations –you reclaim your zealous enthusiasm to grab the next big adventure with that lust for life you do so well –go you.

Meanwhile, Venus into your relationship sector from the 15th is a nice reminder of who really appreciates you & has your back right now –especially with Mercury involved lots of harmonious, flowing conversation with certain loved ones feel so right.

And yes including romance. If Chiron has been bringing up any emotional wounding about your own worthiness/desirability lately, Venus may well counter that with someone gorgeous who sees your own gorgeousness and viola, mutual chemistry to spark you up. Especially by the New Moon of the 29th in your love sector- a moment of renewed passion in your existing partnership or if single/on the prowl some cute new attraction could be just the thing to get your motor running?

Image: Ling Liu by Ben Hassett

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