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Mating season alert! Venus & Mars have been brewing sexy chemistry in your love sector since late August, so any connections going on right now are looking quite promising-or at least super interesting for your consideration…

Especially with Neptune involved your radiant charisma could be intoxicating a certain someone… and ok, Neptune also has you projecting that elusive, come hither or not mystique, so they’re maybe wondering how the fuq to come at you hmmm? Which could work in the sense that Neptune can attract anything from true soulmate bliss to dodgy misunderstandings/weird crushes; and luckily your emotional radar is finely tuned to the most exquisitely subtle romantic cues about who is genuine or not, and what to do about that?

In other words you figure out who ‘gets’ you despite your inscrutable ways & makes the tangible effort to connect authentically -and baby those kind of love affairs are gold! Especially by the New Moon of the 29th in your sexy 8th house; where if you’re in love/committing more deeply with your partner/feeling some hot new attraction or whatever the passion is real. With Venus on the Destiny Point here could be a wild ride to turn you on just for life-affirming kicks and/or something very long term… stay tuned.

Meanwhile lucky Jupiter in your biz sector is calling you to think big about the Pisces career. I mean Jupiter retro in recent months has been a tad frustrating, and ideally you’ve been taking the opportunity to back off & re-vision your big picture vocational aspirations, rather than actually giving up on them, yes? Good, well done you & now with Jupiter direct & picking up pace you’re all shiny and ready to rock with renewed professional vigour for the rest of the year.

Which is particularly excellent with Jupiter in sync with Neptune in your sign this month; where you’re only really motivated by work scenarios in line with your most inspired sense of meaningful purpose in the world, and lucky enough to attract cool opportunities to this end. Yay you get to follow your bliss right now, how fab is that!

Image: vintage glamour, unable to find original source for this picture.

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