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So there’s a magical Jupiter/Neptune thing going on; connecting the synapses between your raw intuition & rational thought process which has you switched on, fully attuned & basically psychic as fuq this month –should you choose to listen to the light bulb moments illuminating your consciousness right now. It’s the season for visionary Capricorn genius!

Especially by the Full Moon of the 14th Mars is backing your most big picture, expansive schemes for your life with zealous enthusiasm, along with the Sun/Venus/Mercury to finesse the process of creative manifestation. Gosh the more you focus your dreams with positive determination, you’re pretty goddamn onto it mid month…

But also Neptune on this Moon is kind of weird. On one hand you’re able to process and communicate your finest intentions with exquisite subtlety & intuitive insight into the dynamics going on around you –maybe even perfect synchronicity for certain key conversations, where you manage a lovely mutual understanding with certain people cos you’re just so emotionally intelligent/empathetic. And on the other hand you want to watch the Mars tendency to bonkers emo blowouts & unreasonable tantrums etc at the slightest provocation/situations you can’t manipulate as easily as usual. OMG if you indulge this -triggered much??

Anyway you’ve got better things to do with Venus into your biz sector from the 15th, where it’s all about flaunting your best talent, with a keen eye to those self-promotional career strategies you do so well. So Yeah it’s time to thrive professionally, and you’re not one to miss an opportune moment like this -I predict you’ll be pulling some fully positive, successful moves this month –especially by the New Moon of the 29th in your biz sector, where it could be so worth your while to stay sharp!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of mid month also stimulates the Destiny Point in your love sector. I’m just saying that some magical, future oriented soulmating could be going on –IF you’re able to avoid weird misunderstandings with as much subtle, empathetic dialogue & emotional intelligence as possible. Nice one.

Image: Jonas Bresnan

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