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You’ve gotta love lucky Jupiter in your love sector this year, where important connections in your life are feeling more fun, promising and romantically expansive than ever. But maybe Jupiter retro for the last few months has had certain people vibing a tad ambiguous or just general ennui about the whole relationship paradigm? So it feels so good to have Jupiter back on track recently and picking up your positive love momentum for the rest of the year!

Yes, and your ruler Mercury joining Venus/Mars in your home sector this month means clear communication with family/shacked up partners could focus your priorities on a more harmonious domestic dynamic.

Especially the Full Moon of the 14th, with Pluto/Saturn sorting out your 8th house of personal entanglements. Could be nutting out the basics of existing commitments/familial obligations (including financial realities), with a sober perspective-as in once you get the ground rules right you can get on with exploring the full potential of sharing a fun future -a la the aforementioned Jupiter exuberance in your love sector. Also because with Venus/Mars activating sexy Pluto –these stars could be so hot for a more passionate intimacy with someone special, if you’re up for that? I mean if so it’s pretty intense & emotionally transformative so you’ve got to keep it real…

And the Full Moon mid month also sets you up to figure out the enigma that is magical Neptune in your biz sector. It’s kind of yearning for a more meaningful sense of professional purpose that you may or may not be able to put your finger on, kind of chasing your highest vocational dreams with fully inspired, crystal clear clarity, kind of going with the flow & embracing strangely synchronistic opportunities that you don’t fully understand but just feel so right?

So yeah, if you can avoid the temptation to just give up cos of the many things you can’t control here and stay attuned to a higher calling instead –this could be all about some weird & wonderful magical manifestation. And the Destiny Point in your earning sector says if you can get this right, the stars could be aligned to score a nice income doing something that actually turns you on –how good is that!

Image: via noonesnemesis, unable to find original credit for this gorgeous image

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